Re: six string bass string problems

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Posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on December 20, 2000 at 08:35:41:

In Reply to: six string bass string problems posted by ping on December 19, 2000 at 15:28:15:

: I have been playing six string bass for about two years now. When I first started on the six stringer I had no knowledge of how to tune it. I figured from my experiance on guitar that it would be the same tuning as a six string guitar. Between that and not having a tuner at the time I ended up tuning my bass as follows, C sharp, F sharp, B, E, A flat, C sharp. Over time I learned to play with my unique tuning and joined a band, My guitarist has to tune his guitar the same way I tune my bass. It seems to work just fine for us except for the fact that my bass strings are kind of tight. Is this bad for my bass? I would like to find strings that are more suitable for for the high tension tuning that I use. I have been using DR steel Lo-Riders. Should I be looking for diferent guage strings? Are there even strings that are made for such tunings? The strings I use work but like I said before they are kind of tight.

The one thing that I'd keep an eye on would be the neck straightness; you might need a truss rod adjustment every once in awhile to keep things in line.

Let's compare the regular tuning to yours:

Regular: 6th = B; 5th = E, 4th = A, 3rd = D, 2nd = G, 1st = C

Yours: 6th = C#, 5th = F#, 4th = B, 3rd = E, 2nd = Ab, 1st = C#

Difference: 6th = whole step, 5th = whole step, 4th = whole step, 3rd = whole step, 2nd = half step, 1st = half step.

All of your strings are higher-pitched than the regular tuning, but not a whole lot. You might want to consider going a little lighter on your string set than you're currently using, but it's not an absolute necessity. If you want to customize your string sets, you might want to go maybe .001 lighter for a half step and .002 lighter for a whole step, i.e., .128 instead of .130 for a 6th, .044 instead of .045 for the 2nd, etc.

Hope that helps!


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