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Posted by Mickster on December 20, 2000 at 16:38:37:

As some of you on this page know, I've been looking for another bass
and I've more or less settled on The Epiphone Jack Casady.Even though
I live in NYC, where you can get anything you want, I ain't not hardly
seen no Jack Casadys --- ANYWHERE! So I began checking the web.I found
them at Musiciansfriend last Friday, 12/15/00.These basses sell for about
$750.00 or so.When I saw them for $719.00 I thought, hey that's a pretty
good deal.When you click on the thunbnail, and it takes you to the info
section of the product, it read Prices: $449.00 --- $719.00.I said to
myself "This has to be a typo".It wasn't The black ones were $719.00
The sunburst ones were $449.00! Unbelievable! But me, being cautious
by nature, procrastinated and said to myself "Wait till after Christmas,
you can buy it then." Has anyone figured out the ending yet?


I went there today, and next to the $449.00 sunburst models it says:
"This item is out of stock and we can not reorder it." Unless they
were playing some kind of cruel joke, they probably had a few and
wanted to unload them quick.No, I didn't call in person.I don't want
them to hear a grown man cry.The moral kiddies: If you see something
you really want; jump on it.I know you believe me, but, check it out
anyway. WWW.Musiciansfriend.com, click on basses, click on 5 string
basses,(why it's in the 5 string category only God knows)and it's
the first item on the second page.

Thanks for listening, I just had to vent.I'm gonna see if the corner
grocery store has any hemlock. Grrrrr...


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