Re: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick

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Posted by Nickey on December 21, 2000 at 04:13:37:

In Reply to: Re: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick posted by Pat Harrington on December 19, 2000 at 22:04:28:

: : Nickey's comment to PanteraFan's 12/10 post regarding fingerpicking vs. using a pick:

: : Fingerstyle, fingerstyle, fingerstyle.
: : And let's all say it together
: : Good.

: : Any kind of music that needs a pick sound is so easy to play you don't need to practise it. If you want to play the bass -> fingerstyle
: : If you just want to hang out with band guys then you can play with a pick.

: >>>> Geez, that's kind of an ignorant statement; obviously somebody who
: hasn't listened to much music. If you think pickers are so lame,
: check out "FISH OUT OF WATER" by Chris Squire, or try to cop the
: nasty 5/4 ostinato beginning of "ERUPTION" from Emerson, Lake, & Palmer's
: "TARKUS" suite. Squire and Lake are two of the finest Pick players
: (and bassists) for that matter, ever to pick up the instrument.
: I don't care how you play, with a pick, your fingers, or your big
: toe, the picked bass work on those two records is just devestating...
: Try some of those licks IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!
: My advice to all bassists still remains the same: LEARN HOW TO DO BOTH!!
: I play 5-7 gigs a month, the gigs are usually about 4 hours long.
: I use about a 50/50 mix of both techniques. Fingers for speed, intricacy
: and articulation, and a pick for POWER and STAMINA. I NEVER get any
: blisters or right hand trouble...No sense in BAGGING on somebody,
: to each his own, but consider what I've said above....

: Pickin'(sometimes) and a grinnin'
: Cheers,
: Pat H

People who judge you to be a person who doesn’t listen to much music and then names some…
Nevermind I’m getting tired of thinking of replies, but what I’d like to say is that it’s really not worth of thinking some HAS BEENS ”great” riffs and say to me that ”try some if you dare” I didn’t want to start saying how good I am but I like to think you drove me to it. I have played a bass solo alone, everybody else went of stage, only me and my bass and the audience. This alone isn’t anything, anybody can do it but I used techniques that you probably haven’t ever even heard of and drove the audience wild. They stood up from their seats and were chearing to me so much I had to ask them to be quite that they’ll here what our drummers got for them. Believe me or not THIS IS TRUE!
So if you want to be beside the drummer in a shade were nobody can see you and use a pick ’cuz of the ”sound” go right ahead and do that. That leaves less competition for me.
What I mean with this whole thing is this:
A pick gets in the way as soon as you start doing more complicating stuff.
And that’s a fact!

Nothing personal Pat
Merry Christmas,

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