Re: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick

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Posted by Nickey on December 21, 2000 at 04:50:02:

In Reply to: Re: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick posted by Tim Brosnan on December 19, 2000 at 18:05:19:

: : Nickey's comment to PanteraFan's 12/10 post regarding fingerpicking vs. using a pick:

: : Fingerstyle, fingerstyle, fingerstyle.
: : And let's all say it together
: : Good.

: : Any kind of music that needs a pick sound is so easy to play you don't need to practise it. If you want to play the bass -> fingerstyle
: : If you just want to hang out with band guys then you can play with a pick.

: :
: : My response to his comment:

: : The message in your comment is basically "If you play w/ a pick then you're not a serious musician." That is a friggin' stupid thing to say. And I'm sure you thought you we're being pretty clever too. But who are you to suggest that someone playing bass with a pick doesn't take their music seriously? I know some guys who devote their entire existence to playing music - and to be told by someone that they weren't serious because of their chosen style of playing would be taken as a personal affront. There are thousands of "pick-players" that would probably beat your ass if you made that comment to their faces. On top of that, there are those that might physically not be able to play with their fingers - Are they not musicians then? Should they simply strive for just "hanging out with band guys"? According to you they should, since they'll never really "play the bass" unless they use their fingers.

: : When you start trying to categorize musicianship soley on the TOOLS used, rather than actual skill and devotion to the craft, then we may as well all line up and accept our "standardized instruments" and dress the same, play the same, and sound the same. It's also sad that you will come in here, make such a flippant comment, yet not even offer a supporting argument for it. You haven't even returned to defend your position to the long list of follow-up posts. You've only come back once to make another "funny" comment. So before you decide to judge other musicians, make sure you can back you up the crap you dish out, otherwise STFU.

: : Now, I agree that most of the "greatest" players primarily use their fingers. HOWEVER, I venture that none of them would suggest that they would be lesser musicians (or that others would be) if they didn't use their fingers. Being a musician is just as much, if not more, a matter devotion and attitude than technique. You can be the most technically competent player in the world, but if you play for the wrong reasons (fame, attention, money, women, etc.) then you aren't a musician. Musicians play for themselves. Whatever instrument they use, and HOWEVER they play it, is secondary to the fact they ARE PLAYING MUSIC, and thus should be supported and congratulated, not criticized if they don't use what some may consider the "right" tool for the job.

: : That's all. I welcome any comments or other opinions.

: : Good day! -DM

: :Before anyone says that a bassist who plays with a pick is not a real musician,they should check out:Carol Kaye,and Joe Osborn.Both of these fine players were top session bassists in their time,and BOTH played with a pick.Actually,I stand corrected:these guys are STILL going strong.
: I have started trying to learn how to use a pick-the sound is SO different from fingerstyle.I have also been working on thumb-slapping.I'll admit,i'm not very good at that,but i dont think it makes me any less a player than anyone else-just different.
: Did I forget to mention Chris Squire also?
: Peace

I wondered for a long time to be nasty or not to be nasty. When I read your replies again I got kind of p***ed off so I desided to be nasty. But I hope you can take my answers in a humorous way even if they don't necessarily always seem that way.

Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire Carol Kaye, Chris Squire…PLAA PLAA PLAA. Some owiously like them but haven’t we heard enough of them on this forum. (Sorry about that Carol.)
I’m afraid I have to be the one pointing this out for you. You admited that you aren’t very. If you aren’t very good it DOES make you a less of a player. :-)

As you said Peace and keep practising
Merry Christmas to you too,

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