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Posted by Nickey on December 21, 2000 at 05:10:51:

In Reply to: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick posted by DM on December 19, 2000 at 12:49:47:

: Nickey's comment to PanteraFan's 12/10 post regarding fingerpicking vs. using a pick:

: Fingerstyle, fingerstyle, fingerstyle.
: And let's all say it together
: Good.

: Any kind of music that needs a pick sound is so easy to play you don't need to practise it. If you want to play the bass -> fingerstyle
: If you just want to hang out with band guys then you can play with a pick.

: My response to his comment:

: The message in your comment is basically "If you play w/ a pick then you're not a serious musician." That is a friggin' stupid thing to say. And I'm sure you thought you we're being pretty clever too. But who are you to suggest that someone playing bass with a pick doesn't take their music seriously? I know some guys who devote their entire existence to playing music - and to be told by someone that they weren't serious because of their chosen style of playing would be taken as a personal affront. There are thousands of "pick-players" that would probably beat your ass if you made that comment to their faces. On top of that, there are those that might physically not be able to play with their fingers - Are they not musicians then? Should they simply strive for just "hanging out with band guys"? According to you they should, since they'll never really "play the bass" unless they use their fingers.

: When you start trying to categorize musicianship soley on the TOOLS used, rather than actual skill and devotion to the craft, then we may as well all line up and accept our "standardized instruments" and dress the same, play the same, and sound the same. It's also sad that you will come in here, make such a flippant comment, yet not even offer a supporting argument for it. You haven't even returned to defend your position to the long list of follow-up posts. You've only come back once to make another "funny" comment. So before you decide to judge other musicians, make sure you can back you up the crap you dish out, otherwise STFU.

: Now, I agree that most of the "greatest" players primarily use their fingers. HOWEVER, I venture that none of them would suggest that they would be lesser musicians (or that others would be) if they didn't use their fingers. Being a musician is just as much, if not more, a matter devotion and attitude than technique. You can be the most technically competent player in the world, but if you play for the wrong reasons (fame, attention, money, women, etc.) then you aren't a musician. Musicians play for themselves. Whatever instrument they use, and HOWEVER they play it, is secondary to the fact they ARE PLAYING MUSIC, and thus should be supported and congratulated, not criticized if they don't use what some may consider the "right" tool for the job.

: That's all. I welcome any comments or other opinions.

: Good day! -DM

ĒSTFUĒ that was a new one, could somebody explain it to me?
If you can seriously say that fingerstyle players and pick players are equally valued, Iím afraid you have been living somewhere in Aliceís wonderland. Yesterday I was reading Octobers issue of the Bass Player magazine and there happened to be some session player interviewed. I canít remember his name but he had recorded with Frank Zappa and many more. Anyway, he said something like this:
- ĒI usually play fingerstyle like ĒrealĒ bassists, but when I need that rock tone I go with a pick.Ē
Real bassists! This is the way it is and this is the way itís going to be.

Now, Iíll have to admit that like in everything also in bass players exeptions to the rule do exist. Some pick players can be Ēserious mucisiansĒ but these players arenít really around every corner. What comes to the physically unable, Iíd be very impressed about their will power to keep on playing and would support them as much as I could. But that really isnít the case in bassists, is it?

When I started playing I had the same problem that almost everybody seems to have in the beginning Ė Should I start with a pick or fingerstyle? I was young and didnít know better at the time, so I asked around. Everybody and I mean absolutely everybody told me to use fingerstyle. You canít believe how many times I heard that bassists using a pick are unsuccesful guitarists and all that stuff. Me being a guitarist at the time (and I still play it) didnít really leave me a choice, of course fingerstyle. I should thank everybody who I asked the question and whenever somebody asks me you know what my answer is, donít you? Another thing is that after gigs bassists (among others) have come up to me to congratulate me on my performance and they have literally been ashamed of the fact that they use a pick. Also when Iíve gone to play with new bands they have been glad I use fingerstyle. For instance when I started to play in a rock band I was just making some noice to see if my gear was set up right, immediately the guitarist said Ēcool you play fingerstyle our former bassist used a pick and he was really bad.Ē Later I realised that most of our cover songs where originally played with a pick, but still the whole band thought that their bassist most use fingerstyle. Many similar things have happened to me. Once even a excelent semi-professional drummer that I played with said that all bassist that use a pick are shit and that he will never play with one. (This was a nasty thing to say but hey I didnít say it.)
So youíll notice Iím not alone with my opinion despite the fact that I seem to be alone here.

Replys welcome

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