This Pat guy is really good

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Posted by Nickey on December 22, 2000 at 01:10:08:

In Reply to: Re: about Nickey's negative comment on fingr vs pick posted by Pat Harrington on December 21, 2000 at 17:55:34:

: : People who judge you to be a person who doesn’t listen to much music and then names some…

: >>>> I think you missed the point, Nick....Mine stays the same, however..
: There's a LOT of VERY difficult bass work out there that just happens
: to have been done with a plectrum, and I doubt if you can cop all
: those riffs perfectly, no matter how you try to play them...
: Remember, don't brag unless you can back it up.....

: : Nevermind I’m getting tired of thinking of replies, but what I’d like to say is that it’s really not worth of thinking some HAS BEENS

: >>> Has beens? Get your terminology straight...Just because you haven't
: seen them on MTV this week you call these cats "has beens"? I guess
: Jaco is a has been too, then, huh?

: ”great” riffs and say to me that ”try some if you dare” I didn’t want to start saying how good I am but I like to think you drove me to it.

: You've got a lot to learn, brother, first of all HUMILITY!!!!..
: Musicians who beg for respect usually don't deserve any....

: I have played a bass solo alone, everybody else went of stage, only me and my bass and the audience.

: >>> So what!!!...Lots of people can do that....I'm not impressed...

: This alone isn’t anything, anybody can do it but I used techniques that you probably haven’t ever even heard of and drove the audience wild.

: >>>>>>>>> Oh man!! Now that's ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!..Shit man, can I
: get an autograph!!!!!

: They stood up from their seats and were chearing to me so much I had to ask them to be quite that they’ll here what our drummers got for them. Believe me or not THIS IS TRUE!

: >>> Oh yeah, the audience should always respect an "artiste" of your caliber,
: shame on them for interrupting your improvised earth-shaking masterpiece!

: go right ahead and do that. That leaves less competition for me.

: >>>> Oh shit, Nickey's gonna steal my gigs and all my students!!!
: NOT!!!!!!!!!!

: : What I mean with this whole thing is this:
: : A pick gets in the way as soon as you start doing more complicating stuff.
: : And that’s a fact!

: >>>>>Maybe...Man, what are you gonna do with all those notes and that
: breathtakingly "complicating" stuff???? Can I get a free copy
: of Bass Player Magazine when you get the cover!! Please?!!!

: : Nothing personal Pat

: >>>>Ok, ok Nickey...Same here....
: : Merry Christmas,
: : Nickey

: Uh-huh...
: Pat

A brilliant answer Pat you totally made me look like an idiot. Only one but, you drifted a little off the point about pickin' and fingerstyle but I quess we have covered that ground quite well now.


P.S. I'll send you a free copy of BP when I'm on the cover but until then you can check out my articles in some earlier Bassist magazines.

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