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Posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on December 23, 2000 at 08:04:26:

In Reply to: Re: strange EB3 posted by Suwydee on December 22, 2000 at 14:45:10:

: : :
: : : : can anyone help me identify my bass.
: : : : i have been told it is a prototype gibson eb3 but i am not sure to beleive it.
: : : : the neck has been replaced at some time and it only has the neck pick up and one volume and one tone pot. it is in cherry red with a chrome bridge guard and a wooden finger rest with large flat tuning pegs, apparently all of the original pegs and stuff were transfered onto the new neck.
: : : : if anyone can help me here i will be xtremely gratefull.

: : : Suwydee,
: : : To be honest, that sounds more like an EB-0 than an EB-3 to me; EB-3's *always* had the small bridge pickup.

: : : Just curious, is the replacement neck a 30" scale?

: : It has got a 23 and aquarter inch neck with 20 frets.
: : I thought that only the eb3s were the sg shape.
: : Thanks for the reply, nice one

: sorry i forgot to mention it has the SG body shape, also it is marked SG101 behind either the neck or the pick up (it has been a while scince i last looked, i lent it to my dad a year or so ago).
: Everything looks the same as an original EB-3 except no space for the lower pick up or the other tone and volume pot.
: also is the replacement neck the right length or too short?

Oh, I meant the scale of the neck from the nut to the bridge, not the length of the neck itself. :-)

But it *does* sound right for both the EB-0 and EB-3 (the EB-3L had a longer neck).

Here's a comparison of the SG-style Gibson basses:

EB-0: SG body style, 30" scale, big humbucker in neck position, 2 knobs;

EB-3: SG body style, 30" scale, big humbucker in neck position, small humbucker in bridge position, 4 knobs, rotary switch;

EB-3L: Same as EB-3, but with 34" scale;

SG 100/200/etc. bass: SG body style, small single coil pickups (replaced Melody Maker bass in early 70's);

Hope that clears things up!


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