Hey ren, regarding Larry Graham

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Posted by Mickster on December 27, 2000 at 17:14:50:

Hey Ren, as far as Larry Graham's bass sound on "If you want me to stay",
that was definitely slapping, about the first I'd ever heard(not sure
which year it was)but I don't think he used any effects.(maybe a pedal)
I know he mainly played an old sunburst 60s Jazz bass, but, that sound
was just his raw talent.He had incredible control as far as alternating
between slapping and finger picking.I still can't do it half as good as
him. Grrr.Ditto for Stanley Clarke.The thing that used to hold me in awe
about Stanley was that he wrote out most of his hundred mile an hour solos!
Although I love it, slapping is not my strength.I try to play electric so
that it sounds as close to an upright as possible.You're just starting on
electric? Good for you.I gotta say though, if you're coming over from an
acoustic, you have a huge advantage.The scale for #1.Are you playing a
fretless? I always wanted to get an upright, but between cost and trans-
porting it, it never happened. If I'm not careful, I'll be telling everyone
about the upright I bought over the weekend.Music is dangerous to the pocket-
book, as I'm sure many of us know. Welcome aboard.

The Mickster

P.S. I posted this reply as a new post, as the other one was too far down
the page.

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