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Posted by Mickster on December 28, 2000 at 12:43:33:

In Reply to: Re: Jazz bass/Precision bass? (Followup question) posted by Brak on December 28, 2000 at 10:17:49:

: Thanks for clearing this up for me.
: One thing I still don't get though... The Dann glenn bass I wrote about have no pickups at all (well ordenary ones I mean) but it's still considered a J-bass. So my followup question is, is the two pickup system required for a bass to be labeled J-bass, or is it just one of the things that makes up a J-bass but doesn't have to be there.

Brak, that's a very good observation.Basically, a bass is referred to as a "Jazz", if its pickup configuration and/or body shape fairly closely
resembles an original Fender Jazz bass, but, as El Pajaro said, the lines
which distinguish it are of late getting blurred.Bassist Victor Wooten
had a bass made which looks like a big banjo, but, its pickups resemble
regular Jazz pickups, so most people would refer to it as a custom bass
with "A Jazz set-up", meaning the pickups.The Rennaisance Guitar Co. makes
a bass which very much looks like a Jazz bass, but, if purchased as the
basic model, has no visible pickups.What it has are piezo pickups in the
bridge.So exactly what costitutes a Jazz bass is pretty much a matter of
opinion, although, I'd say it's more based around the pickups as opposed to
the body shape.A Musicman bass' body looks reasonably like a Jazz bass, though
nobody really refers to it as a Jazz bass with different pickups.Good question.

Hope this helped,

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