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Posted by Emptyeye on December 28, 2000 at 18:37:15:

In Reply to: I have no idea... posted by Kotsos on December 28, 2000 at 15:02:49:

Ah yes, "The Real World"...a masterpiece of a post. But in any case:

Welcome! And you've taken a good first step by deciding to take lessons;

I've held off so far, but my right hand technique is probably the worst you'll

ever see (They say "Don't rest your thumb on the E-string!" I rest my thumb on

the E--and the A and the D, depending on what string I happen to be playing).

But enough about my shortcomings as a bassist.

Anyway, yeah, you can go to, as already suggested by Mickster,

and check out prices there. The thing about buying online, though, is that you're

more or less buying the bass on blind faith, especially if you don't have a music

store in your area--though you shouldn't feel pressured into buying any one bass

from a music store guy, there's no substitute for going down there and PLAYING the

basses they have in stock in order to find the one that's right for you.

As far as which brands to try, again, you'll have to find out for yourself. I myself

like the Ibanez Soundgear line (Thin neck=GOOOOOD for someone like me who has short

chubby hands). Fender also makes good, relatively cheap basses (I bought my fretless

for about $350, as mentioned in another post); I've heard mixed reports about Yamaha

but most people here seem to give them a thumbs-up (I never played one myself).

But anyway, let us know when you're ready to make a choice. :)

: The thing is, I really want to learn to play the electric bass

: but I don't even know what questions I should be asking...

: I mean, to play the bass, one must own one (duh!) . So what do

: I do ? Walk into a music instruments store and buy the first bass

: they show me? NO. I don't want something expensive but I don't

: want something of bad quality... -I don't even know the names of

: the different manufacturers...

: Well, I've taken the time to go through other posted questions

: and answers so I've made up my mind about one thing : I think

: it is best for me to go strait to bass lessons - not guitar

: lessons as a friend of mine suggested.


: P.S.: When I come up with something more specific, I'll let you know.

: P.S.2: To anyone who hasn't read "The Real World" posted by Pat H. :

: READ IT !!!

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