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Posted by Emptyeye on December 28, 2000 at 20:02:40:

In Reply to: Re: Another difference is... posted by Mickster on December 28, 2000 at 17:53:05:

: Hey Emptyeye, right you are about the neck.I forgot to put that in, but this
: is what the forum's about.Whatever someone forgets or says in error is pointed
: out by someone else in a friendly manner.(picks vs fingers, Ha ha)

Ah yes, a friendly manner. I love that about this board too. If I ask a question,
SOMEONE usually has an answer. :)

: You bought a fretless? CONGRATCHALATOONS! See what I mean? Although I didn't get
: mine 'till about six months ago, I always knew someone who had one, but if this
: is your first time;It's something you almost can't put into words, right?
: You also have a six?(jealousy here)That's a good balance of basses.You now have
: a new interest for life, believe me.Now you're going to start looking at music,
: and hearing it slightly differently.Beware; the Jazz nymphs will start calling
: your name soon.Nymphs! I love 'em.
Yep, I bought it as sort of a Christmas present for myself. You're right; I really
CAN'T put it into words. If I had to try though, I'd say the sound is alot..I dunno,
"Smoother" I guess, than on a fretted. It's a great sound though; I'll have to see
what else I can get out of this thing. :)
Yes, I own a fretted 6-string as well (The Ibanez I mentioned awhile back). Swapping
the two in and out during school concerts (I'm not in an outside band, sadly) could be
Nymphs, on the other hand, are another story entirely. And on that note I hope Jess (1)
is okay..she's in New York until tomorrow night. :( Ah well.
(1) My girlfriend!

: Seriously, congratulations.

: Mickster

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