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Posted by JerryP on December 31, 2000 at 15:33:36:

In Reply to: Excersizes posted by Panther on December 30, 2000 at 11:41:50:

<<< Hey, guys I need some help. I need some excersizes I can do with my bass. I don't really know any excersizes to get my left hand warmed up. I usualy warm up by just playing a buch of songs I know by heart over and over...I think I need something a lttle more official. Thanks for you help. Panther>>>

Panther, there's a exercise I like to do because it warms up not only my left hand, but also my right hand (I play it both finger-style and with a pick), and it gets my "head in the game" in thinking about chords, inversions, relative positions, key signaturees, time signatures, etc. I play arpeggios (with and without 7ths) and pentatonic scales up and down the neck from low E (open) to Eb at the 11th fret of the E string. If I'm practicing and have the time, I also do the inversions of the chords, again going up and down, and I do some or all of the arpeggios at different time values (quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, etc.) with a metronome. To fight chromatic boredom and make the exercises more useful and relevant, I sometimes mix inversions and change arpeggios according to a chord pattern (G, Eminor, C and D, e.g.). One of the best things about this warm-up process is that you can add complexity and variations as you are ready for them.

BTW, I do NOT believe practicing with a metronome makes your playing mechanical, especially if you play different patterns around the machine's mechanical beat (playing eighths, triplets, sixteenths and syncopated variations of the same against the 'nome's quarter notes, e.g.). Practicing regularly and creatively with a metronome is important to developing and maintaining a keen sense of time. And remember, your keen sense of time is the best tactic for keeping a rushing or dragging drummer in line!


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