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Posted by Mickster on January 02, 2001 at 16:42:57:

In Reply to: Re: First Amp? posted by Mickster on January 02, 2001 at 12:39:54:

: : My question is how many watts would i need to play in a punk or metal garage band? I dont have a band yet but i am looking for an amp and wondering if i should get one that i will be able to use if i do join one. Im thinking of a 8" to 12" but i dont know how many watts can carry with a guitar and drums. I dont want anything expensive or big, and will probably buy it from ebay or something. Any suggetions of what to get and what are some good ones would be appreciated.

: Hey Chi, Happy New Year.

: If you're into Punk/Metal I would suggest gotting the most powerful amp you
: can.As a lot of bassists agree, you can never have too much power, especially
: for Metal.Now, you've got to decide what you want; portability or power. If you
: want portability, a combo with a 15" speaker would be perfect.If you want volume, you'll be much better off with a separate head/bottom set-up.If you
: want volume, get an amp of at least 200 watts with either a 2x15 or 4x10 bottom.
: Money, which ruins everything, will probably be the deciding factor.Brand new,
: a nice combo will be in the $400.00-$700.00 range.A 200 watt head/bottom set-up
: will start at about $800.00, and go up from there.Another thing to consider is:
: If you're going to practice in a garage, the more volume you have, the sooner
: someone is going to call the cops.Believe me, it's happened.Carvin has a combo
: which puts out 160 watts with a 15" speaker.That might be a good comprimise.
: As far as E-bay goes, you just have to keep checking, then if you see something
: you like, be "Lion ready" to pounce.

: Hope this helped.

: The Mickster

Apologies to all for my misspelling of the words getting and compromising.This is what happens when you type without looking at the screen.Since we're on this
topic, here are the ten most commonly misspelled words in America as listed on
page 251 of the 2001 issue of "The Old Farmer's Almanac."

1)accommodate 6)millennium
2)committee 7)misspell
3)definitely 8)noticeable
4)embarrass 9)receive
5)harass 10)separate

Imagine my embarrassment when it became noticeable to the millennium committee
that I had definitely misspelled all the words that I had tried to accommodate
in the separate note that I had received from the other committee.My only excuse was that, as I was typing my message, the secretary of the committee
walked past my desk in a skin tight dress, and, I must admit that I was
staring at harass.

Setting the stage for the New Year,
I remain,
The Mickster

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