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Posted by Mickster on January 03, 2001 at 12:40:27:

In Reply to: Jazz walking on electric posted by jd on January 03, 2001 at 03:47:10:

: Hi all and Happy New Year! I own a Sterling and a Steinberger XQ. Between
: the two I love playing the 'berger because of it's playability-nice small
: neck all the way up to the 24th fret and I just love the way the graphite
: sounds. Unfortunately for me I am in the Philippines and I have to wait for
: new bridge saddles from the USA to be able to play it so I've been playing the
: Sterling lately. Lately I've been working on jazz walking lines and I favored
: the Steinberger because it wasn't over aggressive like the Sterling is-sometimes
: I wish I could de-punchify it. I realize that neither is quite the ideal for
: walking bass on electric and just because I love the Steinberger I'm looking to
: get rid of the Sterling for either an old Precision w/ flatwounds ala Monk
: Montgomery or perhaps a Hofner Beatle Bass. I know Chris Wood from Medeski,
: Martin and Wood uses one but I'd just like to get your opinions on what would be
: a great bass for swingin'. I also thought about going fretless, what do you
: think?

Hey jd, what's up? I haven't heard a Sterling live yet, but, from what I understand, it has the same pickup as a Stingray, which in my book sounds
great, although if you want a really smooth sound for walking, a Musicman
perhaps could sound a little too "lively" if you know what I mean.A friend of
a friend once had a Steinberger, and it was a very smooth "no dead spots on the
neck" sounding bass.As for going fretless, I recommend it 1000%.I would suggest
that you get a lined fretless neck, as an unlined neck takes a lot of discipline
ALL THE TIME.If you want a smooth walking sound(as I do)try one of the Mexican
Fenders.I have one, and with flatwound strings and using just the bridge pickup,
it sounds remarkably like an upright.No kidding.If you want the sound a little
mushier, just use the neck pickup.I just bought an Epiphone Jack Casady bass
which hasn't been delivered yet.I can't give you an actual report on its sound
yet, but from about five people I've spoken with on the web, they all say it sounds fantastic.I have a CD with a Jack C. bass on it, and it sounds kinda like
an old Precision, but a little smoother.I'll give you a full report as soon as it arrives.I also bought two Jazz bass CDs emphasising walking lines from Carvin, and they give you a lot of ideas.I don't recall the names right now,
but, I'll get them to you asap.They're definitely worth getting.Jazz/Walking
bass is my main interest.I'll talk to you soon.

Hope this helps,


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