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Posted by Pat Harrington on January 03, 2001 at 19:06:57:

In Reply to: Acoustic 360 preamp/folded horn posted by air cut light on January 03, 2001 at 12:46:44:

: Hey, I'm probably going to be picking up an old acoustic 360 preamp and folded horn/cabinet (with the 18" set backwards and the amp inside). I think I'm getting really lucky because it's a friend of a friend and the guy just wants to get rid of it,

>>> No surprise, that thing is more like a Maytag refrigerator than

a bass amp...If you're gigging live to any extent, hire a roadie

and pay him well, that thing is a real back buster. All those

years I spent humping an SVT cost me dearly with a herniated

disc in my back and surgery to fix it...Think about it..

so I'm going to pick it up for something like 300-250. I've played it with a jazz bass with flatwound dead strings, and it sounds good,

>>> Yeah, Jaco with Roundwounds on your Jazz, J.P.J. with flats,

the real deal for sure, but the new hybrid amps with their

toroidal transformers and engineered speaker cabs will give

you THREE times the power and all the sounds in less than

half of the size and weight..

but I don't know how it'll sound with my Rickenbacker.

>>> shit probably...

I've got the preamp now, so I'll be able to see what it sounds like with roundwound strings that are a little brighter, but I'm home for break and I haven't got my bass with me. I try to get my sound as close to Chris Squire's sound on the early Yes records. How well will this amp do that?

>>> It would get an "F" at reproducing Squire's tone...The majority

of his tone comes from his bass itself, one of the first three

Rickenbacker basses imported in to England, those are the ones

with the really crappy electronics, but the sound is unmistakable.

The other factor in his tone is the Rotosound strings of course,

and his amps early on were Marshall guitar amps, and a couple

of Sunn's I think..The 360 won't get that tone, an all-tube

SVT and a modern 4x10 cabinet will get you much closer to

his tone.

: If the 360 will lack top-end punch, I've got another option. I have an old acoustic 150b and a 2x10 cab I made last year. I was thinking I could run from the preamp into the 360 cab and the 150b head, then have that head power the two tens for more high end stuff. Other setups would allow me to run the fuzz channel on the 360 while the 150b stayed clean. I'd get an extra 125 watts and the final stack would end up being massive. Any thoughts?

>>> Geez, sounds like a hassle....

: Finally, there's an analogue tuning fork on the preamp, and I was wondering how in the heck is that supposed to be useful?

>>>> I have no idea, the guys at Acoustic were crafty, though...

There's no indication as to what frequency it starts at (I think, though, that with both of the knobs cranked it's an E), and no way to tell what note it's playing aside from your bass, which might be out of tune. Is one supposed to set it before the show at some pitch, (A440?) and then flip it on later on?

: Thanks for your help!

: Andrew


Pat Harrington

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