Nickey!? Is it really you?

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Posted by JerryP on January 03, 2001 at 20:16:52:

In Reply to: Re: Jazz bass/Precision bass? posted by Nickey on January 03, 2001 at 07:38:48:

<<< Jazz bass is quite good. - Precision sucks.

: OK, OK, Precision is quite good if you play simple rock and on the first octave but when you go over that, it completely sucks ass.

: Well, that's only what I think. (Precision owners don't be offended.)>>>

Knickers, I think it really IS you! After revealing yourself to be a truly self-absorbed, closed-minded basshole in the pick vs. fingers debate, you're actually back with more unsubstantiated, hyperbolized bombasts (look 'em up). I'm not offended, BTW, just disappoionted again.

Brak's question was "what is the difference between...?", not "What is your opinion, Nickey?" Did it ever occur to you that this was a legitimate question, honestly posed to gain some insight into the differences between the two instruments? We all have a preference for one over the other, at least for given types of material and settings; but what information does "Jazz bass is quite good" or " ...[Precision] completely sucks ass" impart? These comments add no unique or significant information to the discussion. They were transparently and embarassingly directed at drawing attention to yourself. (Your preference for the Jazz bass may, of course, indicate small hands and short fingers, as some os us have already assumed.) If simple attention was your shallow goal: mission accomplished. If you were trying to impart information or establish any credibility, however, no cigar.

Pickey, your opinion is absolutely as valid as anyone's on this board; but I, for one, have grown tired of unsupported, self-absorbed views that shed no light and throw only useless heat. No one's conclusions are nearly as important as how and why they reached them.

Lest I be guilty of my own accusations, I should tell you, Brak, that one of my basses is a Precision ('97 American Deluxe) which came equipped with the offset,

P-style pickup adequately described by other posters and a special humbucker Fender designed for this model. Both pickups are active, rather than passive, and the tone and volume controls permit more combinations than most other P-basses and J-basses. IMHO, it provides not only classic P-bass and J-bass sounds, but many others as well. I think neck geometry is a matter of personal preference and the wider neck (it's 1.625" wide at the nut, rather than the 1.75" of old P-basses) is simply easier for me to play than the narrower (1.50") J-bass neck. I'd prefer a neck with no radius at all, but this P-bass has less curve than many other models. With my B-15, I can get those warm, clean, old-fashioned bedrock bottom sounds I like. Pumped through 400 solid-state watts and 4-15's, however, the active pick-ups and enhanced volume/tone controls produce some surprisingly modern sounds. I've been using groundwound GHS strings and have been generally happy with the compromise in both sound and playability, but I'm about to try a set of Thomastiks, just to hear and feel the differences they'll create. I play both with fingers and a pick, and I continue to work on my slap-style.

Like others, Brak, I think both the P-bass and J-bass are fine instruments. They've been around longer than most who post on this board (with the exception of myself and a few other graybeards). I bet they'll still be around after most of us--and most of the other basses being sold now--are gone. Despite all the innovations we've seen in bass design and technology over the past ten or twenty years--many of which I embrace, they remain the most recorded electric basses of all.

As you know, there are now dozens of P-bass and J-bass models which come in many colors and finishes, made in various countries and available in a wide range of prices. If you're in the market for a bass, you won't go wrong with either style if you just play them and try them, both used and new. You'll find one that sounds good and plays comfortably to you, at a price you're willing to pay. It may not be the only bass you ever own, but it will likely be one you keep or trade for a different Precision or Jazz.

Best of luck! If you decide to get one, please let us know why you chose it and how well you like it.


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