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Posted by Pat Harrington on January 08, 2001 at 23:43:09:

In Reply to: Re: Yer `Quipment posted by Datsgor on January 08, 2001 at 22:57:19:

: : Howdy once again, once again another pondering question... What kind 'o e-quip, do you guys have? I have a Ibanez DSR DX-300 and an ESP LTD (tuned CADG. And a SWR Megagolith (i won it! *yay*)8x10, and an old-ass Univox 6x10 UIL30 (i think)with a UIL30 Head (once again i think)a Zoom 506II, Fender Cali Cables and some other stuff i dont fee like listing.

: : Later Guys and Visit My Bands Site!

: : Will

: : (


: Well, here goes...............

: Carvin R600 bass head

: Ampeg 8x10 cabinet(a back killer!)

>>>> You got that right!!

: Warmoth Guiter Products Gecko 6 string bass

: Warmoth P-Bass

: Warmoth P-Bass(#2)

: Warmoth Fretless P-Bass

>>> Never tried one....Good thing for the wallet, probably!

: (all my P-Basses have two sets of pick-ups....bridge and neck)

: Alembic Epic 4 (#32 of 60 made) Special Edition Guitar Center 50th Anniversary

: Spector NS-2J 4 string

>>> These basses KILL!!...I *almost* walked out of last year's

NAMM show with one under my arm...Good thing I didn't, mama

would have SHOT me!..

: Applause acoustic(piece of crap thrasher camping bass)

: and one new Warmoth Jazz on order.

: Well....there it is...all the crap I have devoted thousands of $ to because I love the bass.....maybe I'm crazy.....maybe I'm mad...I...I...just can't help myself....I have so many basses...yet I keep buying new ones....I keep looking....I keep caressing my check book with a glazed look on my face...staring...staring.....staring at the newest dream

>>> God, you got THAT right...All those years, and like women, all those

past romances that we had to have, fell in love with but were no good

for us after all...I only kept 2!!, my wife, and my Rickenbacker...

My eye still wanders for those heavenly bass bodies...Got my eye

on a 57 R.I. P-bass right now, I hear her calling, seducing me....

Shit, not again.........I'm spineless!!!

>>>> Cheers,

Pat H

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