Yes, you're a big fat stupid dookyhead

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Posted by JerryP on January 12, 2001 at 12:02:26:

In Reply to: I'm a big fat stupid dookyhead posted by corey on January 11, 2001 at 20:48:12:

<<<...ever drink too much during a gig? ...last night I fell off the goddamned stage! ...can a neck-thru be repaired? long will the other band members keep busting my balls over this incident?>>>

You're right, Corey. You're a big, fat stupid dookyhead--or worse. I sense you're seeking sympathy as much as guidance on fixing your axe. I can't imagine any good that sympathy will do for you, however. It's personal responsibility time. You were highly unprofessional in a professional situation. Can you remember how you were playing (and singing?) and acting on stage just before you took your dive? I don't know how well you know the other band members or how important the band is to you, but I'm surprised you think your broken bass is your worst news. My first concern would be whether the others are just laughing this off and giving you some crap as a penance--in which case you're lucky and they'll decide how long the penance continues--or whether they question your long-term role in the band. In either case, a sincere apology and an obvious change in drinking habits while playing is in order.

As previously suggested, Carvin is probably the place to start regarding your broken bass. If the cost of fixing or replacing it really is your worst news--even from a financial standpoint (considering the band's future earning potential)--and if the other band members are destined to screw up in the same manner as you suggest--then I may be wrong. In that event, maybe you should keep your expensive bass at home and just use your Jazz as a beer bar bass.

I'm no tight ass and I enjoy a few beers, too. I'm not being somewhat harsh just to be contrary and to preach. And I won't suggest that I haven't made a similar mistake or two myself. I have, but fortunately not with your flair or results.

When I realized I'd had too much, I just focused as hard as I could on playing my part correctly, in time, and on not letting down the rest of the band or the audience who paid admission and bought drinks. Your sense of responsibility to them should be greater than your concern for your broken bass. Sometimes your reputation and career potential can't be replaced at any price.


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