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Posted by Mickster on January 15, 2001 at 17:13:27:

Hey everyone.I bought an Epiphone Jack Casady Signature bass at Musiciansfriend.com on Dec.22nd, but, due to shipping delays and
other nonsense, I didn't astually get the bass until last Thursday,
Jan.11th, and I've been playing it like it's stuck to me ever since.
For anyone interested, here's my review of it.I'm going to be as
objective as I can, and, set it up the way the reviews are in Bass
Player magazine for the sake of familiarity. Just as in the magazine,
I'll use the 0-5 rating scale which ascends in increments of 1/2.

Construction: 5

The bass I received was a vintage sunburst, a finish I've always liked.
The finish(color)is beautiful. It's the color of Samuel Adams beer(not
that I drink Sam Adams) and fades to black around the edges, a typical
two tone sunburst. The workmanship is very good, if not excellent. I was
entertaining the thought of taking the frets off to make it a fretless
instrument, but, honestly the fret work is so good, I don't have the heart.
It's got medium frets instead of the jumbos, which appeals to me very much.
If you run your fingers up and down the edge of the fingerboard it's absolutely
smooth. As for the overall finish, again, top notch. There are no lumpy paint
lines anywhere. I know Epiphone is the budget line of Gibson, and sometimes
it's hit or miss with this brand, but, this bass feels like a Gibson. The bridge
is three point suspension.It floats above the body like an off-shore oil rig.
Even the tuning machines are velvet smooth, which I didn't expect.

Electronics: 4

It's got a specially designed low impedance humbucking pickup linked to a 3 way
Gibson varitone switch. I would have given it a 5, but, the pickup hums a little
(how ironic: a humbucker that hums) unless you have your back to the amp, which
is the normal practicing/performing position in which case it is then dead silent. The volume/tone potentiometers are excellent! This is one of the few basses I've played in which every slight turn of one of these knobs gives you a
noticeable difference in tone/volume. At zero you get nothing, at one you hear
a little volume, at 3 a little more, and it continues this smooth even transition all the way up to 10. Same for the tone control. The 3 way varitone
switch marked 50-150-250 gives increasingly more volume and an also hardens the
sound.I don't know if it's a coil tap switch or what. Does any one know what
it is?

Playability: 5

This is not a Jazz bass neck, but who cares.I'm very partial to thin necks, and
this neck is not thin. It's not as wide as a Musicman neck, but, for some reason, it doesn't bother me. Probably the best feature of this bass is the
absence of any hot/dead spots. It's smooth yet has a throaty quality from low E
all the way to the 20th fret on the G string. It's amazing. So Consistent.

Sound: 5

To get right to the point, this bass sounds a lot like a Pre-CBS Precision bass, but, not muddy the way Precisions can sound.(Precision owners no offense)
This though is not its complete description. It also sounds very woody and open
like an acoustic bass guitar, and it also has just a hint of a Rickenbaker type growl.I know this sounds contradictory, but, you have to hear this bass live
to accurately asses it. Heck, I'm still experimenting with it. For a bass with
just one pickup, it's very versatile.

Value: 5

To say that this bass which normally sells for about $750.00 is worth it is
an understatement. In a world of solid body basses, I highly recommend it.
It's got such a different tone from an average solid body; then again I'm
biased for acoustic type basses to begin with. Thoughts of getting an upright
are starting to enter my head, but, there they will stay at least for a while.

If you ever get a chance to check one out; DON'T PASS UP THE CHANCE.


Now if I can just convince my girlfriend to pose sans clothes on the rug
with this thing...

I'm still trying Skip!

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