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Posted by Tim Brosnan on January 15, 2001 at 20:07:55:

In Reply to: Jack Casady review... posted by Mickster on January 15, 2001 at 17:13:27:

: Hey everyone.I bought an Epiphone Jack Casady Signature bass at on Dec.22nd, but, due to shipping delays and
: other nonsense, I didn't astually get the bass until last Thursday,
: Jan.11th, and I've been playing it like it's stuck to me ever since.
: For anyone interested, here's my review of it.I'm going to be as
: objective as I can, and, set it up the way the reviews are in Bass
: Player magazine for the sake of familiarity. Just as in the magazine,
: I'll use the 0-5 rating scale which ascends in increments of 1/2.

: Construction: 5

: The bass I received was a vintage sunburst, a finish I've always liked.
: The finish(color)is beautiful. It's the color of Samuel Adams beer(not
: that I drink Sam Adams) and fades to black around the edges, a typical
: two tone sunburst. The workmanship is very good, if not excellent. I was
: entertaining the thought of taking the frets off to make it a fretless
: instrument, but, honestly the fret work is so good, I don't have the heart.
: It's got medium frets instead of the jumbos, which appeals to me very much.
: If you run your fingers up and down the edge of the fingerboard it's absolutely
: smooth. As for the overall finish, again, top notch. There are no lumpy paint
: lines anywhere. I know Epiphone is the budget line of Gibson, and sometimes
: it's hit or miss with this brand, but, this bass feels like a Gibson. The bridge
: is three point suspension.It floats above the body like an off-shore oil rig.
: Even the tuning machines are velvet smooth, which I didn't expect.

: Electronics: 4

: It's got a specially designed low impedance humbucking pickup linked to a 3 way
: Gibson varitone switch. I would have given it a 5, but, the pickup hums a little
: (how ironic: a humbucker that hums) unless you have your back to the amp, which
: is the normal practicing/performing position in which case it is then dead silent. The volume/tone potentiometers are excellent! This is one of the few basses I've played in which every slight turn of one of these knobs gives you a
: noticeable difference in tone/volume. At zero you get nothing, at one you hear
: a little volume, at 3 a little more, and it continues this smooth even transition all the way up to 10. Same for the tone control. The 3 way varitone
: switch marked 50-150-250 gives increasingly more volume and an also hardens the
: sound.I don't know if it's a coil tap switch or what. Does any one know what
: it is?

: Playability: 5

: This is not a Jazz bass neck, but who cares.I'm very partial to thin necks, and
: this neck is not thin. It's not as wide as a Musicman neck, but, for some reason, it doesn't bother me. Probably the best feature of this bass is the
: absence of any hot/dead spots. It's smooth yet has a throaty quality from low E
: all the way to the 20th fret on the G string. It's amazing. So Consistent.

: Sound: 5

: To get right to the point, this bass sounds a lot like a Pre-CBS Precision bass, but, not muddy the way Precisions can sound.(Precision owners no offense)
: This though is not its complete description. It also sounds very woody and open
: like an acoustic bass guitar, and it also has just a hint of a Rickenbaker type growl.I know this sounds contradictory, but, you have to hear this bass live
: to accurately asses it. Heck, I'm still experimenting with it. For a bass with
: just one pickup, it's very versatile.

: Value: 5

: To say that this bass which normally sells for about $750.00 is worth it is
: an understatement. In a world of solid body basses, I highly recommend it.
: It's got such a different tone from an average solid body; then again I'm
: biased for acoustic type basses to begin with. Thoughts of getting an upright
: are starting to enter my head, but, there they will stay at least for a while.

: If you ever get a chance to check one out; DON'T PASS UP THE CHANCE.

: Mickster

: Now if I can just convince my girlfriend to pose sans clothes on the rug
: with this thing...

: I'm still trying Skip!

:Hey Mickster,sounds like you've got a winner there-the bass sounds nice too LOL!!!

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