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Posted by Ed on February 07, 2000 at 13:30:50:

In Reply to: Re: Cruiseships? posted by gerard on February 06, 2000 at 22:28:29:

: : : : I am a college student, and I want to get a job playing gigs this summer. Themeparks, cruiseships, ski lodges.... I don't care. I'll go anywhere to do it to. I could get through an audition just fine, but I have no idea where to start to look for these oppurtunities. Could someone tell me where to look?

: : If you like playing music-stay away from the cruise ships. It can be very destructive to your playing.

: : I can't emphasise this enough. If you decide to do the gig make sure that you are super prepared in reading and different musical styles so that you can distinguish critisms of value from those from burnt out, negative assholes.

: : : Best of luck. The boat gigs may tend to be looking for a longer commitment(ie 6 months or so)but some are shorter term. The two boat gigs I have had I have been contacted by someone at the shipping line; you might try getting the number for the entertainment directors for each cruise line. Theme parks tend to announce auditions when they need to fill spots. You may be better off contacting whatever clubdate agencies are in your area (you know weddings, bar miztvahs, etc,)to see if they are looking for bass players. It's generally radio tunes, but they tend to pay well.

Ooooh, somebody had a bad time. It all depends on the band and of course yer attitude. Like I said, it's like a club date band. Yer gonna do a little standards for the cocktail hours, maybe some swing if the crowd is old enough and a whole lot of radio music. So if you come on board with the just outta music school I'm gonna set the world on fire cause I'm so bad attitude, you are probably going to be very disappointed (and maybe overboard if yer not careful). And you are going to run into cats who have made playing on boats their way of life and are not going to deal well with some runt who thinks the world should revolve around them. But you can also meet some excellent musicians (especially on the boats that have big bands)and if it's just a gig that yer happy to have then you should be OK. Whiney boy is right on one count, 'tho. You definitly want to have yer reading chops up and be able to cover everything you would on a club date (see above). Most of the boats bring on other entertainers that you will be asked to back up (on one rehearsal usually)and provide incidental music for other acts from time to time. So reading is good. But I would say I enjoyed both my boat gigs (8 months on one, two weeks on the other).

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