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Posted by Mickster on January 24, 2001 at 17:38:42:

In Reply to: active electronics? posted by Alex on January 24, 2001 at 16:30:54:

: hey I got a dumb question

: are active electronics/pickups mainly for jazz bassists? could a metal or rock bassist benefit from them?

: I play fingerstyle on an old passive Hamer Blitz bass that I plug straight into an Ampeg SVT rig (head + 8x10 cab) and I love the sound. would installing active electronics and pickups just give me more eq control? what are the main advantages? headroom? gain?

: thanks a lot...Alex Pesci

Alex, the main advantage is control. All amps have bass and treble cotrols, most
also have midrange and maybe something else. With actives and a little fooling
around, you have immediate master control at your fingertips. Now, you just don't have to settle for the tone your amp puts out with say, the bass control
flat, and, the treble at 3o'clock; now you can take away just that little bit
of boominess your bass has on the E string, and take off that slight overly
bright sound your G string has. It's like a set of micro tone controls. You
almost always get more gain. My Ibanez has all the regular controls, plus a
boost knob which just raises the volume of the active circuit. If the actives
are off, it affects nothing. If you want to install them on a bass that's never
had actives, it can be done; it just might be more bread than you think. I know
they make a drop in active system for Jazz basses, but once you get off the
mass produced path, it may have to be a custom upgrade. Again, it's not that it's so hard, it's just that it helps if you're a tinkerer and have the patience
to fool around with wires. I do to a certain point, after that I convince myself
to buy another bass.(a dangerous way of thinking) My humble advise is: If you have any doubts about the guy/shop that's going to do the upgrade, don't start
chopping up a beloved instument. Maybe look at a new bass; this way you still
have the old guy, and, a new love. One more word: It usually will cost more
than your first estimate.

Hope this helped,

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