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Posted by hmjuice on January 25, 2001 at 10:45:30:

In Reply to: Re: Bass multi effect processors posted by trey simms on January 24, 2001 at 12:26:20:

: I've tried several of these gizmos and could never find one that didn't sound like shit. most of them are loaded with a bunch of useless goofy f/x that you'll never need. and the presets (as usual) are a joke. but even if you strip em down to a basic dry tone (preamp and eq) you end up with a thin boring tone

: the Bass POD from Line 6 is probably the best of the bunch but I still didn't like it. if used strictly for recording it might make do, but I've found that the best tones comes from quality amps, like Eden, SWR, and Ampeg. leave the toys and digital doodads to puffy-haired guitarists. I use an Ampeg SVT-III Pro with an Aphex tube c/l and BBE sonic maximizer in the f/x loop and I get all the tone I need. great for both the studio *and* the live gig (where most of these preamp/dsp units fail miserably)

: just my 1/2 cent


I have to agree with Deman. I've used many of the so called all in one processors and nothing compares to the direct tone out of my EDEN WT800. I still have a pedal board that I use with an alternative band but all of those effects are independent and analog except for one. If your looking for additional sounds try the individual route. I have a 6 different pedals
Boss Bass Overdrive
Boss Bass EQ
Boss Bass Chorus
Boss Digital Delay
Electro Harmonix Q-Tron
Morley Bass Wah
All on an SKB powered pedal board.
All in all if I need a sound I can find it but I run it all through the loop. If you want a WAH sound get a WAH pedal, if you want an additional channel get the EQ pedal, so on and so forth. The only one that comes close is the POD but it also has its limits (its great in the studio). Well all that and a student ID will get you a ride on the UT campus shuttle.

Keep it on the down low,

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