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Posted by Ed on March 02, 2000 at 15:47:59:

In Reply to: Rehearsel Time (amount of) posted by greg on March 01, 2000 at 05:19:17:

: Hey,

: I was just curious as to what some of you guys
: (day-jobbers playing working bands) think is a good amount of rehearsel time is
: for a currently non-working band that hopes to play out in 3-4 months.
: 3 times a week, much of which consists of fun, but unfocused jamming, or 2 times
: a week with clearly defined goals being worked on, and less of an emphasis on
: outright jamming?

Hmmm, sounds like there may be some disagreement about the direction for the group. What are the goals for the group? When you say "playing out in about 3 or4 months" do you mean getting gigs or just playing in public in some form? Does everyone in the band mean the same thing? I'm not really involved in the rock thang, but for me, there are two separate efforts. I get together with people just to play sessions in which we just call tunes and play, maybe somebody will bring in tunes to read through and play over, but we don't really stop and work on things. Then there are rehearsals, where we may never actually play a tune completely through, just stop and work on parts, try new feels for tunes, maybe blow through a few things to check out adding them to the repertoire etc.
I know it's kinda different for rock bands, you guys seem to spend an inordinate amount of time working on different "grooves" to come up with a tune. If the group doesn't have clearly defined goals as a unit, maybe some sorta compromise needs to be in the works. If you have three days a week together, maybe one of those days is just for dicking around and you work on specifics the other two. If time is a factor(and if everybody's got a day gig and families and lives, time might definitely be a factor)and cats can only commit to two days a week, then maybe out of a four hour session per day, you work for 2 and a half and jam for 1 and a half. Just realize that there is gonna come a day when the split between those who want to just play around and those who want to try to get somewhere with the music is irreperable.

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