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Posted by NivRaC on March 09, 2000 at 10:44:30:

In Reply to: RE: UPDATE!!! posted by Karel Kerstiens on February 29, 2000 at 01:02:50:

Karel - I've had a Carvin PB500 for 7 years now, and a Carvin P200. For cabinets
I have a Carvin VT210, Vt115 and a very small home built 1x15 with a CArvin 15 in
it. Though both amps and all 3 cabs are still in use, reliablity has been poor.

In the 2x10 I have replaced both speakers and the crossover at about the 3 year mark.
The 1x15 has a broken handle but is otherwise intact. The homebuilt 1x15 is still
going strong. The P200 head is small and underpowered for what I do, but is good in
small clubs. I attach one of those clampable deskfans to it because it runs so
damn hot when it is on 8 all the time. 8 is necessary to cut through my guitarists damn
4x12 bassman . . .

The PB 500 has been repaired 3 times for various rectifier problems and it is broken again.
I've spent more on repairs than what I paid in the first place. The active input is pretty much blown
- it distorts at any volume level. Luckily I now
have a passive bass so I don't need that input, but I've got a feeling that with the kind of
band I play in and the volume that I need to have, the low channel will probably last another
year or so if I am lucky. Generally this amp feels underpowered when pushed. Anything
over 5 with a lot of bass dialed in will shut it down when pushed. Bad at gigs . . .

The tone on all of this gear is pretty good. I've played a lot of basses through a
lot of different amps, and I know I can always get a good tone out of the Carvin -
not always so with Hartke, GK, etc.

If you are doing "light" gigging as you say, and you don't have to compete with guitarists
with monster SRV tone, you should do fine. Anything more though, and you'll need something
a little more durable and with a little more power, or at least more surface area - a 4x10 perhaps.

For me, as soon as this PB500 finally dies, I am getting a SWR Super Redhead . . .

: First, I'd love to thank you guys for your input and opinions on the Eden and SWR gear. Your opinions pretty much echo what I've been hearing from other respectable bassists. As it turns out, I've decided to give Carvin a try. Today, I ordered the "Red Line" series "R600 600 watt" head, along with the RL210T (2x10 cabinet) and the RL115 (single 15") cabinet. Even though the list on the stack was $2285.00, by ordering directly from Carvin (, I was able to get the entire stack, including shipping and handling for $1159.00. Even though I am not the "mail order" kind of guy, I feel somewhat calmed by the fact that Carvin has a 10-day trial period (not including shipping time) to return the rig for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Also calming is the fact that I have heard and seen reviews on this setup that at least rivals the reviews and comments I have noticed surrounding the Eden product line. What I also find appealing is the fact that Carvin refuses to allow music stores to stock their line by dealing exclusively and directly with the bassist. This cuts out the "middlemen" and therefore; also cuts down the prices considerably (or, so they claim).

: Have any of you had any experience with the Carvin line? Their customer service? If so, please give me your thoughts, because apparently, my ordering of this equipment is not a "final choice" according to the Carvin guarantee. I have noticed that (sporadically) I have seen respectable bassists using Carvin bass amps and/or enclosures. In these few instances, I've been pretty impressed with the tone I've heard from this equipment, but as we all know, 70% of "tone" comes from the bassists' fingers and overall technique anyway (regardless of the equipment used). I thank you all in advance for your thoughts - rock ON!


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