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Posted by El Pajaro on March 14, 2000 at 11:22:53:

In Reply to: Modulus "VJ-4" posted by Tim Schnautz on March 12, 2000 at 14:35:39:

: Folk, I gust got a Modulus "Vintage Jazz" and havent given it a good work out yet... can anybody tell me any pro's or con's about this bass... I've played a Fender J fro the last 20 years.. and this Modulus was too good a deal to pass on... any help would be appreciated... BTW,, anything I should know abotu the composite neck? does it have any adjustment???
: Thanks again
: Tim Schnautz

Hi there Tim,
I bought a Modulus just like yours a few months ago and I 'm having a hell of a
hard time trying to put it down for a while! Itīs a great bass overall, and to my
own amazement I became used to the feel of the graphite neck immediately.
Most purists hate graphite basses because, in their words, they lack the warmth
of ol' wooden neck basses. Not so. While it's true the Modulus sounds different
from a Fender, punchier and more focussed overall, I believe warmth in tone comes from many factors, neck material bieng just one of them (body material, type of strings, pickups and amplification also come into the picture here).
Pros? Many, the main one being having a thoroughly consistent neck, which in
my case comes in handy since I live in an area of rather drastic climate and humidity changes.While tone is a mostly subjective matter, I'd count it among the pro's, too. It is definitely an advance over my previous axe. I'd also count the Bartolini electronics among the pro's, too (mine are passive, what are yours?): quiet and great sounding, with a pleasing J-like vibe.
Cons? Since my axe is passive, a greater output level would be desirable
(although you can upgrade the electronics by adding an easy-to-do-it-yourself
Moon or J-Retro preamp). I could use a little less weight, too. Other than that,
there is not much to say against this bass. I believe you made a great purchase
and hope you have a lot of fun playing it. I sure do.
Last, there is no adjustment for the neck, which I prefer (I mean, who wants to
tweak a truss rod every gig??).
Hope this helped.

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