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Posted by El Pßjaro on March 17, 2000 at 14:57:23:

In Reply to: THANKS PÓjaro posted by Massimo on March 17, 2000 at 12:57:09:

: Thanks a lot El PÓjaro,I'll do exercises on the modes,but I have other questions;I'm just trying to make walking bass line on some easy jazz songs
: but I have some problem,what's the best way to improve?
: I'd like to buy Ray Brown method,do you think it's good or there is something
: better to get out some good thing?
: I have a SWR basic black amp and I haven't a compressor(what's its real function), how is it?
: Thank you, see you soon.

Ciao Massimo!
I haven't tried the Ray Brown's method myself, nor know of anybody who has.
I did, however, read some excellents comments from various players about the
Ed Friedland's "Walking" series, which consists in two books: "Building walking
bass lines" and "Expanding walking bass lines", each accompanied by a CD. I think they're published and distributed by Mel Bay publications. I haven't tried these, either, but the comments from the general bass population are more than laudatory, which isn't a surprise at all considering how fine a writer and nice a guy Ed is. In any case, my best advice is hooking up with a good teacher who helps you master the many aspects of walking bass. That's what I do, anyway.
Regarding your other question: a compressor is an electronic device that manages to "tame" the peaks and variations in output response and flattens out the sound. More clearly: it makes loud notes softer and soft notes louder, generating a more even response and a generally punchier sound. Whether or not you should use one of these is enterely up to you. Ask yourself the following questions: do I switch from fingerstyle to slap and back again too often? Do these switches occur within the same song? If so, how different is the sound level is between one and other technique? Does sound quality suffer because of these changes?
Well, you get the idea. Ask other players you know and figure out what they think of compressors. As for myself, I do have a compressor built into my amp head (a Hartke 3500), but rarely use it. I perefer to control the dynamics of loudness/softenss myself most of the time. But you may not, so try some compressors with your bass/amp and decide for yourself.
Buona fortuna! I hope this helped.
Sebastißn "El Pßjaro" Caffini

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