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Posted by BEADG on March 18, 2000 at 11:16:15:

In Reply to: Good bass amp posted by Jason on March 16, 2000 at 22:01:09:

: I'm in a band (we play mostly heavy metal), and I'm beginning to need a new (read LOUDER) amp. I'm using a Peavey TKO 115 S, which I think is about 80 watts, but it isn't quite loud enough to overcome the guitars. I'm was thinking about getting a Trace Elliot I saw at a guitar shop. I forget the model number, but I believe it ran 400 watts into 2 4x10 cabs (I was thinking of replacing one of those with a 15 or 18, though). One feature I liked about it was that the cabs are covered in some type of carpet-looking stuff, which seems like it would last better than the stuff my Peavey is covered with (looks like some kind of plastic over the wood). I just wanted to know if any of you have used a Trace amp before, or if you can recommend a good one for my kind of music. Thanks.

Hey, I suggest you check out Carvin's 1000 Watt Red Line head (hybrid, w/tube pre-amp, bi-amp system). For instance, if you purchased the Carvin 4X10 cab and the 1X15 or 1X18 for the bottom cab, it would run you somewhere around $1200 or so. This stuff is high-end, but because Carvin does not deal with distributors (direct ordering from Carvin only), you get awesome deals on their equipment. Even though they only work by mail order, they give you 10 days (not counting shipping time) to test the stuff out and if you don't like it (but you probably will), you can send it back for a full refund. I'm using it and it's the best stack I've ever played thru, including and compared to: Eden, Acoustic, Peavey, and Hartke, which I have also used to some degree. "" is the URL. If you call them, I've found that the customer service guys are mostly bassists, too (and most are actually gigging for money on the side). Cool people... good company: two thumbs up (from ME, anyways).

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