Re: Right hand fatigue!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Pat Harrington on March 23, 2000 at 01:33:25:

In Reply to: Right hand fatigue!!!!!!!! posted by Brock on March 21, 2000 at 10:02:38:

: how do i really prevent Right hand fatigue (right handed player asking)

: Are there special techniques anyone can share??
: And please...I KNOW straight out practice will do..
: But i need a quick way to do it.

: Brock

> Hi Brock, I'm guessing you're a finger player, rather than a pick player..
For those long gigs, your fingers, carpal muscles and tendons can get
really fatigued, and I've even developed blisters on my fingertips..
For many years I've gone to a sort of 50/50 method of using a pick
AND fingers...I feel i'm much more precise and can get far more intricate
and speedy with my fingers, but using a pick can give you more power
for a more sustained period of time. Contrary to what some players
may tell you; you CANNOT do everything with a pick that you can do
with your fingers, and beating stainless roundwounds with your fingers
can result it pain, fatigue and the aforementioned blisters..SO, for
the songs that I don't need to get real intricate or speedy on, I'll use a
pick, and save my hands and fingers for the trickier (or real soft) stuff.
PLUS, being proficient with both the pick and fingers opens up a lot
more tonal possibilities. It would be nice if all of us bass players only
had to play 90 minute shows, but a lot of us have to slug it out in the
pubs, bars and clubs for 4 hours or more, so it pays to know how to
save your strength during those long gigs that never seem to end..
BTW, I've found the Clayton .80mm hard nylon picks to be the best..

I hope this helps..

Rock on..
Pat H

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