HELP! Need Advice on a flexable bass rig for a church

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Posted by Bryan on March 26, 2000 at 11:41:40:


I need some advice our church is building a new auditorium and we are
getting all new equipment. Including a new bass rig, which will be played
by a number of bass players (about 10 bass players will use it regularly,
with different people sitting in from time to time). So a group of the main
bass players are looking for a new system, the issue is that everyone has
different ideas of what sounds good.

Currently one guy has been looking at a Sun 300T Amplifier with the Sunn
2x15 cabinet, he also looked at an Ampeg SVT system (one of the models with
the all tube amp, with the 8x10 cabinet). Me and another guy have told him
to look at Eden and SWR (he doesn't like SWR and says they distort, but I
only think he has heard the workingman's stuff).

The current bass rig is a SWR Workingman's 300 with a Hartke 4x10 cabinet
(not a transporter series), it sounds alright but lacks power, and we are
looking to bring the quality of the tone up a few notches.

I would love to hear what people would recommend, we are looking for a
system which is flexible and can offer a good range of sounds, but is also
easy to get good tone (as a few of the players are not tech heads), and has
a good amount of power (need good amount of stage volume, but doesn't have
to light up the room, PA will take care of that). This is kind of an odd
situation, as everyone has an opinion and we all have to share the system.
(it's kind of funny watching a group of bass players try to come to a common
consensus, I think it is almost impossible)

Thanks in advance for your advice,


Some of the systems I have thought of would be:

SWR Bass 350 or 750 with a Goliath III and Son of Bertha, or Goliath III Jr.
and Triad cabinet

Eden WT Series Head (or a Navigator with a Mackie amp) with a 4x10 XLT, and
perhaps a 1x15 or 1x18 cabinet

Kern Preamp or Demeter preamp, Mackie amp, and some type of cabinet...

But I'm stumped...

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