Re: HELP! Need Advice on a flexable bass rig for a church

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Posted by Pat Harrington on March 27, 2000 at 22:05:01:

In Reply to: Re: HELP! Need Advice on a flexable bass rig for a church posted by Todd VanSelus on March 27, 2000 at 14:05:44:

: I COMPLETELY DISAGREE! I used to use Eden head and cab in a church setting - but the sound is not IMHO "the best" and it's WAY more expensive than its worth. Here's what I did.

: I purchased a Demeter pre for $400 new, a Mackie 1400i (from a church source) for $400, and using Eden 2x10 for small gigs - 4x10 for medium, and both together for large gigs.

: The beauty is you have three gig options, and at a cost WAY less than the comparable Eden.

: If you want specifics or any other info - I collected opinions for months before I did this...

: just email me

> That's $800 for your Demeter/Mackie setup, I paid $1100 for my WT-800
new...they can be had for even less used. I've been playing for over 25
years, and have tried almost every single make of bass amp out there..
Now, we all have our opinions about tone, this is a *subjective* thing,
but I LOVE the Eden stuff, it's light, powerful, and the semi-parametric
e.q is the best I've ever used, period. I've had NO problems, with my
Eden gear, and I don't baby it by any means. The only amp that I thougt
came close to my Eden was my early 70's Ampeg SVT which I can no
longer, and will no longer carry around, it's just too heavy and requires
too much maintenence. If you wanna go the Amp/preamp route, I would
recommend the Aguilar or Alembic preamps, the tube models with the
12AX7's, and a good quality power amp, like a Carver or Crown...
To need the kind of power mentioned on the prior post, this must be
one HUGE church, maybe they have an adequate p.a, in which case
smaller amp or even a nice combo would do, miked, or lined out..
I tried an SWR Silverado a few weeks ago, and thought it sounded


Pat H

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