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Posted by Pat Harrington on March 27, 2000 at 22:23:50:

Hey gang,
Just another few words about amplification and tone...Tone quality is a
completely SUBJECTIVE thing. It's based on our perceptions of what
sounds good to US...Reliability, price, & portability are not subjective,
however, so all these things must be taken into account when purchasing
gear. Back when I started playing bass, Fender Bassmans, SVT's,Sunns,
and Acoustic 360's were state of the art, and I thought my Old Bassman
50 was the REAL DEAL...Well, times sure have changed, and technology
has made quantum leaps forward in bass guitar amplification. Us bassists
no longer have to deal with crappy tone, getting buried in the mix, or
blown out by Marshall stacks! Whether you prefer Eden, SWR, Trace
Elliot, Ampeg, whatever, whatever, or are looking to buy gear, the MOST
IMPORTANT THING, is to try as many of these amps as possible, and
using your OWN instrument, don't buy impulsively..Even if you really fall
in love with something, always think twice (at least), and make sure
your decision has had time to sink in for a few hours, a day, or more...
I happen to like the Eden equipment...Why?...Because it does everything
that I want it to, night after night after night, unlike some other equipment
I've used in the past. It gives me the tone I want with ALL my instruments,
active or passive, and I get many positive comments about my tone quality,
and nobody ever complains that I'm not cutting through the mix....
Bottom line....Educate yourself, save your money, get the best you
can afford, and buy EXACTLY what you want..

Pat H

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