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Posted by StingRayZS on December 30, 1999 at 03:11:13:

In Reply to: Good Gear posted by Jack Salem on December 27, 1999 at 19:23:11:

Hey here is my rig with a fender P bass
GK 800RB
Ampeg 4x8" cabinet
Ampeg 1x15" cabinet
2 seperate cabinets(easier to carry to a gig)
You may say eights? But yes!I never thought that I would like eights but for a strong Mid range presence, 4 eights will work especially When the Gallien-Krueger 800rb is biamped. Sweep the lows out of the four eights and hey! No worry of blowing any speakers! Those eights cannnot handle an amp without any crosover frequency control. Otherwise they buzz like a swarm of bees. Or bark like a dog. Whatever the case.

The GK800RB direct out send sounds like crap with my active electronics. Passive electronics sound a little better but over all a crappy Direct out
If you get this rig, mic your cabinet or get a direct box, To plug your guitar into and then out to your mixer and split to your amp.

Ampeg Ampeg Ampeg
You would think that a P bass is made for an ampeg amplifier! I have a B2 amp and use it with the speaker set above. Sounds wonderful with the graphic eq and a 4 band Eq. The Direct out on this amp sounds fine (use it for recording). Then worth mentioning again the tone this sucker gets!

the B2 is rated at 200 watts (boo)

When split between the two cabinets:
The B2 gets no where near as loud as my GK800RB head
The B2 has no bi amp features
The B2 clips to easy and there is nothing that I hate to see more than a little red light flashing constantly because the amp is running to loud. This is not bad for the amp but my eights buzz like a bee because constant clipping of the preamp will not harm the electronics in your amp, however, damage may result to the speakers due to near-Direct Current (DC) content present in a clipped waveform.

When ran to only one cabinet:
Rock and roll Jaco!

Hope this helps!

Oh by the way, The Ampeg cabinets are what I have from the money aspect,
and many others.
Mesa Boogie cabinets sound hot and so do many other cabinets!
But are extremely pricy
But don't take this as ampeg cabinets suck!
Those dudes, when used wisely in a biamped situation make waves!
And are so easy to move! Very important at 3 am after a long gig!

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