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Posted by El Pájaro on April 03, 2000 at 07:02:40:

In Reply to: MIM J Fretless and a J-Retro posted by Tim Schnautz on April 02, 2000 at 21:43:18:

: Hey, I got my J-Retro installed in a box stock '97 MIM Jazz bass, (Rotosound RS55lc strings). First I must say I wasn't really skeptical about it. I had talked with Steve Barr via E-mail and had read his posts on the FDP and other news groups. Also I had asked others about he and Vintage Bass andwas assured all was secure. I had been intrested in the JRetro, because I was beginning to search the countless possablilities of diffrent pickups and bridges to hot rod this bass, and after calculating the costs, I thought I'd invest in the Jretro. I ahve listened to contemporary jazz for quite a while, and I was always wondering how the bassist's got "that tone". then it occured to me that many have instruments and effects ranging into the thousands of dollars. Even though the Jretro preamp cost me $250.00 plus shipping I thought I'd try it. I had read many reviews on it but not in a fretless application.
: It is a quality unit, and I was impressed with it's packaging. the instructions were rather simple, and soldering the pickup wires wern't bad at all.
: After installing the unit, I played with it in passive for a while to get used to the tone, then I turned the retro on, and couldnt believe it. This thing is amazing!. The amp was much quieter w/less hum (typical J bass), and the punch was quite enhanced. Muuaaahhh was greatly improved. you can get deep sweeping lows, the mid range cut is great, and with adjustment, you can get that famous Jaco "pop" I got thinking this is the ticket. i would highly recomend this unit to anyone who is looking for improved performance out of their J-style bass.
: BTW, I wasn't paid for this writing, I paid for it! And think the Jretro is darn well worth the money. I dont personally know Steve Barr or have really had dealings with Vintage bass Trading merit this posting. I just feel it's a good product and worth the investment. I'm seriously considering getting another to drop in a Fender Squier J also. For what it may be worth.... Mr/ Steve Barr can be reached at :
: Vintgebass@aol.
: Thanks
: Tim Schnautz

Hey there Tim,
Allright man you did fulfill your promise and posted your impressiones on the J retro!! Great! Your comments come as no surprise, since I read other rave reviews from users at The Bottom Line as well. Just tell me, how did you get it? From who? I'm asking 'cause I mailed the Vintage Bass company and didn't get any response so far. Thanks.
Buena suerte and keep that bass up front in the mix,
El Pájaro.

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