Canada Council and Goverment Grants?

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Posted by John Wiliams on July 11, 2002 at 01:01:48:

I used to live in Canada as a pro player/composer.

I ask the Canadian musicians- do you really think that the Canada Council Grant system is a benefit to the artistic development of Candian Musicians? OR is it simply a very political game that occurs in a very conservative musical enviroment in Canada?. I mean- not trying to come down on anyone person or any one band. And yes, there are some very good players in Canada. BUT, it is so damm political-has always been and over the past 10 years or so it is laughable. Bands/Musicians that are doing nothing more than ripping off a sound, a player ( candian way?) are given money to Tour and record with Goverment Money!Large Amounts of money! And they often reply with the usual, we here in Canada are fortunate to have the Canada Council. We have the chance to nurture/grow our true artistry to further develop without compromise. ohhhhhh.....HOGWASH I SAY...utter lies. I have heard a few examples recently of a few very average Bands that cannot and will not groove, solo or have any originality . IN fact, to those that really know a few of the fusion bands they are very much a rip-off of others and this *would* include other Candian Musicians and Bands and no-where is this more apparent than in the *jazz-fusion-funk arena*. This is my opinion will continue to contibute to the sub-par development of music and musicians that is being supported with lodas of money by the Canada Council. I state now- i do not miss the consertative scene that is very political in nature (yes much more political than the USA!!) by the Canada Council in Canada. Just go to NYC or L.A to hear greatness. OK we all know that. Actually many of the politically correct Musicians that somehow capture the money from The Gov up in Canada are out-classed, out-grooved, out *anything* except politics by so many other Canadians living in Canada, yestrday and today. The Canadian way? Most good ones MOVE! There are many other Musicians that are much more deserving and talented of this so often in Canada.
Now, this is a different view from some of the Musicians/Bands that are touring on this money when i hear from them or read about these so-called bands that are assembled for super-status in the _____genre by the CC. NOW if they had to tour using only the money generated by themselves, or record with the same, what would happen? We all know.

I think the State of Candian Music- Candian Industry is in a very, very dark period. I will not mention Bands. And i know some will reply to this posting as a sense of bitterness. BUT be assured it is not- only insight into a very pathetic Music Scene that any good Musician I Know that has left Canada agrees with. Unlees it was the CC that got them out of Canada ;-)

To be away from the CC and NOT have them control the product that they support ( yes Record Companies do too, of course)because i think they are scared. Just damm scared of real music and musicians that are pushing ahead of the dead Canadian ( read--->Toronto Music Scene<--dead Or the Flat terrible over-hyped Vancouver Scene that has no where to play and only a few *clone* Musicians playing /recording and actually believing this over hype. Vancouver used to have a decent R&B Scene long ago i'm told by friends in NYC that would do the Club circuit tours. Today it is filled with the soul-less and the groove-less for the most part.

Canada Council, you have made horrific mistakes. I hope that the Musicians themselves can finally see the truth and make a drastic turn.

NO longer a proud Canadian now living in the USA! This is where the best Musicians live. Canada has a *few* world class players, some are decent, soulful people and can really play/compose. Too many others are over hyping themselves Via The Canada Council much more so than in the Staes. IT is sickening.

John Williams

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