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Posted by Pat Harrington on April 11, 2000 at 00:07:11:

In Reply to: Re: Improvisation posted by Ed on April 10, 2000 at 11:41:24:

: Well, hmmm again. One of the things I like about the talkbass board is that you have an immediate access to someone's profile so you can tell what their experience level is without having to piss them off by asking.

>> Why should anyone get pissed off by a simple question??

. I would have to say that I am unfamiliar with KLON and/or it's playlist so unless you want to talk about specific players it's kinda a moot point. There have always been/will always be people who play this style of music that connect to a deeper truth and those for whom it is just solving a puzzle.

U-huh....Well...It's the biggest "All Jazz" station in the Los Angeles area..
All Jazz all the time..Public radio...Latin Jazz and Blues too....Chuck Niles,
probably the finest Jazz D.J. working today...He plays it all from A-Z...
But it ain't all cool, and It don't all swing. Just cuz it's J.A.Z.Z, doesn't
mean it's been anointed with some kind of holy potion...I enjoy a lot
of it, but as with any artist or group, there's a lot of charts that just aren't
swinging, IMO...Some soloists seem to be struggling...Upright bass players
are often the worst offenders...Shitty tone, poor note choice, buried in the
mix, solos that are poorly thought out and never fully develop...Why don't
I know their names?...Obvious...I only remember the good players, people
that deserve my adulation and my hard earned bread when I buy their

I would have to say that I feel that ART is ART and COMMERCE is COMMERCE and if the two ever meet it's totally dumb luck and accident. Cause if you ever set out with the idea that you are selling a product (commerce) then you have compromised on your focus.

U-huh, except if you have to make your living with your music and feed
your family....Music is all around us, in the dentist's chair, in the elevator,
on's EVERYWHERE.....It would be great if we could all shake
the world with what we perceive to be our art, but unfortunately, we can't
all be idealists....A lot of musicians will never be household
names or be on a top 10 record...They're just working stiffs like everyone

: The other point I have always had a problem with is the whole idea that the more popular something is, the "better" it is. That's just not the case.

You're 100% right there....Music is SUBJECTIVE...Kinda like food or
paintings...Some people like Italian food, others like Chinese...Some
people like Gaugin, others prefer Picasso....Like I said, Play what
you want, listen to what you like, but don't fall victim to becoming a
musical snob, especially if you want to actually perform in front of
paying crowds..The gig that you get offered may not be "The Perfect
Gig"...But, I believe playing live is the greatest part of being a musician,
and I'd rather be doing it than not doing it....And that may require playing in
a musical idiom that may not be your favorite, or perhaps playing some
songs that you don't really like...In 25 years, I've played quite a few gigs
like that!!!....

: And yeah, I am looking for some emotional content to the music, some connection.

> Cool.....

But a lack of emotional content is NOT something that is restricted to players who "transcribe Ron Carter soloes".

> Well....You can sit in your rehearsal room and transcribe solos all night
and day...What have you accomplished??.. Well, you've transcribed
a solo, I guess... With the Summer gig season upon us, it's time (for me
anyway) to get back in to a heavy gig schedule, Playing Jazz & Blues
festivals throughout So. California, hitting the local pubs and clubs hard,
and opening for acts such as Jimmie Vaughn, Johnny Winter, Lee Rocker,
Buddy Miles, etc..Same as last Summer...Playing in front of a couple
thousand people is the GREATEST!!!....Like the saying goes...
JUST DO IT!!!....

Pat H.

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