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Posted by Pat Harrington on April 11, 2000 at 18:31:41:

In Reply to: Re: Improvisation posted by Ed on April 11, 2000 at 10:02:02:

: Pat- I don't know why it pisses people off, it just seems to. Ya ask people for a little specificity and suddenly it's as if you have challenged there very existence and they gotta jump back with I done this and that and so there kinda attitude. And generally that their experience is more valid because it's theirs and they shouldn't actually have to SUPPORT what they allege.

Ed, I read back thru my posts in our little discussion, and can't see
where I made allegations of any kind....

If gigging is the most important thing for you, then by all means do what you need to do to get the gig. You just have to understand that that's 1. not why evrybody else is doing this and 2. that at pretty much every level compromises the music. Please understand I am NOT saying that anytime you play for digit, you are compromising music. Cause there are plenty of great gigs with great musicians (which is a good thing or I wouldn't be working), but anytime you put money before the music, you compromise.

U-huh, well, yeah, if your sole reason to play is to make money, you're
finished before you've started...People pick that up in a hurry, people
aren't that dumb. If a musician doesn't LOVE what he or she does,
they should go be a plumber or a librarian or something...As with any job,
you have to love and respect what you do, or why do it?

Your earlier comment "jazz is not the center of the universe" may be true for the populace at large, but it IS true for me, that's why I live in NYC, so I can be part of the most vital area for this kind of music.

> I can dig that, and I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is that
you do.

It just seems that you got a bit of chip when it comes to people who think that jazz deals with music on a deeper level than most music. What's the deal with that?

> I never made any statement to that effect, but thru the years, I have noticed
quite a few Jazz musicians that are musical snobs of the worst order, they
completely dismiss any other type of music except for Jazz, and think that
musicians who play other styles of music are ignorant, uneducated morons,
who have nothing to say or contribute musically, and when I ask for an
explanation, all I get is dogmatic diatribe, and a defensive attitude. Most of
the time it isn't the content of what I've asked, it's simply because I've asked

If you are so concerned with MY experience level, go to, check out my profile and e-mail me if ya want my resume.

> Ed, I don't need to read your resume to know that you are articulate,
well read, and surely a fine bassist; furthermore, it's quite evident that you
are very passionate about what you do, and what you like musically, and
I applaud you for that. Your first response to my original posting kind of
blindsided me though; you named some pretty heavy cats there, I get the
feeling that you didn't expect me to know anything about those guys or
their music. I've been a musician nearly as long as I've been on the planet,
and have amassed a record collection and musical vocabulary that would
make Dr. Frankenstein proud. I just never got in to the mindset that one
musical idiom is more valid or valuable than any other. In other words,
I never stop listening or learning, and never will. I consider myself a
citizen of the musical world as a whole, not just one style or another.
When we stop listening and learning, we become intellectually lazy,
which is near to being dead...

Otherwise, stick to making specific statements that you are willing to support (ie I don't like John Patitucci cause he don't dig in and kinda skates on uptempo)rather than general ones that you would rather rag on somebody than support.

> Whenever did I bag on you???
That surely was not my intent, and If I came off like that, I apologize, I never
meant to do that in any way, shape or form, but I can see from here that
you were flexing the old brain muscle, and that's a good thing...It proves
that people can disagree, and still be agreeable...

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you may do....


Pat H

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