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Posted by Frederick on April 12, 2000 at 02:27:32:

In Reply to: This pertains to EVERYONE!!!!!!! READ READ READ!!! posted by Brock on April 11, 2000 at 18:07:57:

: Hey all... I've been thinking a lot lately, and if i don't write this
: down i'm gonna go nuts. Although i'm always learning, as we all are, I've come to a conclusion, that i think is absolutely important to all bass players, though i don't know how right I am. I want so badly to become the best bass player that I possibly can, so i'm always trying to experiment around to see what sounds good or what cool fills I can come up with. This is a great idea in theory right? Sure. The problem lies deeper though. I recently have been playing with an outstanding guitarist. In order to try to keep up with him I feel like i gotta add something interesting on bass during every song. The frustration comes out when I hear a tape that I made of us playing. The bass sounds too busy at times. Whoever said less is more at times is absolutely correct. In certain songs, it is key to be a "TASTEFUL" bass player. I'm not to
: sure what to do. I feel at times that I can't be any worse on bass, though I know I don't really suck (not saying I'm great, either). I'm extremely annoyed at myself at this moment. But seriously, TASTEFUL. Its more difficult,, I think to become TASTEFUL. Experience I'm sure backs the truth of such a statement (I hope someone backs me here). So I need to work on this.
: I'm hoping that if I play WITH the song of the moment, and not play my bass as an isolated instrument, I'll sound better. UNITY. hmmmmm....Then again I don't wanna be boring..i wanna keep myself interested too... I know by sticking around the root I can accomplish this goal but aayyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I don't wanna play the same stuff over and over. I want my bass lines to be great basslines... See my problem?? Who has done this?? What should I do to become more tasteful as a bass player, and better- quicker...

: Maybe I'll lock myself away with my bass for a while. Yeah that oughta do it....

: Let me know your thoughts...
: Thanks a lot all
: Brock

What I've been doing lately is practicing half- notes with the metronome set to click on 2 and 4 only (I hit the notes on 1 and 3 because that is the Bass player's spot. I learned that from Carol Kaye.) Try it at a slow tempo for awhile and then at a fast tempo for awhile. One of the first things I learned was to make quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes swing. Now, I'm practicing half and whole notes and I must say that it has DEFINITELY been worth my time. (Also, I like to practice holding notes across the bar line...something else that Carol Kaye's books are choc full of...I'll be practicing that for a while). But, if you have to play "busy"(James Brown or Ska or some Beatles type stuff...or originals), have the guitar player "lay back" some (If HE/SHE is overplaying). Hope that helps.

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