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Posted by James on April 12, 2000 at 15:28:55:

In Reply to: Re: Improvisation posted by Pat Harrington on April 11, 2000 at 18:31:41:

Just had to ring in on your discussion here. Being a professional
musician is about being in business, period. Otherwise, you don't make any
kind of living. I'm guessing that's what Pat means. Fellars, Zig Zigglar once
said, "You can get what you want when you are willing to help a lot of people
get what they want." I see the connection in music here. It's like the tree in
the woods with no one around. Does it make a noise? Who cares? If people want
to hear what Pat, Ed, I, or anyone else has to say, then we're going to be able
to get what we want- a happy career making music. If they don't want to hear
what I have to say, it doesn't make me less of an artist, it just makes me
broke. As for the center of the musical universe thing- I've fallen into being
a music snob myself. I've come to like what Duke Ellington had to say about
there being two kinds of music- good and bad. Ultimately, it is just that-
music. It isn't life and death, brothers. It's music. Whether it's art, or
noise to anybody who hears it- it's still just music- good or bad.
No, music isn't always commerce, but it ALWAYS is when the dude playing it is
getting paid, period. That's my opinion, but I am right. HA HA HA! I'll be
praying for you, Ed. It's really too bad that the center of your universe is
jazz. After all, there are hurt people all around us, whom we might be able
to help by playing "Happy Birthday" in whole notes, and who would show
their appreciation by giving us some lunch money. Between the center being jazz
or the center being hurting people, I think the hurting people generate more
gravity. :)

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