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Posted by Nick on April 20, 2000 at 18:49:56:

In Reply to: Re: Growl posted by Rob Perl on April 20, 2000 at 11:44:23:

: : I recently bought an Ibanez SR400 as my first bass. I'm learning as I go along, but find that with all the settings that are possible with the active EQ, I don't find a setting that will give me that nice growl .

: : Is there a particular technique that I haven't discovered, or should I be using flatwound strings, or does the amp mak a big difference, or the volumn? I use a Peavey Minx 110 with a 10inch speaker, 35 watts.

: : Larry Klein got that sound nicely on TNT in that Joni Mitchell tribute.

: : Is it a Fender thing, or can i get it with the SR400? Thanks for your replies. Please cc. me to my Email address too to be sure I see your reply.

: Wiiliam,

: Growl is usually a function of midrange boost. I'm not familiar with your Ibanez - if it has a midrange control, turn it up all the way. You also need to turn the midrange up on your amp.
: Also, adjust your pickups so that the bridge pickup is louder than the neck pickup, and position your right hand fingers closer to the bridge pickup.
: Flatwound strings won't help you - They'll give you a very dead sound. You'll need a roundwound string like Rotosound or Dean Markley Blue Steels for maximum growl.
: These are some of the things to make your bass growl. There is a tradeoff, however - the sound that you'll get will be have less bottom, but will have that growl.

: Good Luck,

: Rob

I searched for a long time for the growl as well. I found that most of the time active electronics deadens this effect unless you have a stacked mid-range, rob is dead on in that respect. In most high end ibanez basses, they do have a dual midrange, the outside knob determines what frequency range of midrange, and the middle knob tweeks it. put the outer knob a little forward past middle and tweek it. The amp and speakers has a little to do with it, you want most of your sound in the mid and highs, but not without too much sacrifice of bass or it just sounds tinny. I play through a GK head on top of 8 hartke 10 inches, a fender mb5 with Basslines passive pickups and that bastard growls with the best of them. I have found that my personal favorite strings for this sound are Ernie Ball stainless steel. Have fun.

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