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Posted by El Pájaro on April 30, 2000 at 15:54:39:

In Reply to: low b string posted by James Burmeister on April 26, 2000 at 12:17:35:

: Hey evryone, now that my action is a lot better thanks to el Pájaro, all of my strings sound great, exept for my b string. I can't tell the diffrence in notes and i sounds muffled compaired to the others any suggestions?
: thanx, james b.

Hey James,
Glad to know my advice was useful in the first place. Now, regarding your B string complaint, elSee's advice is right: a beefier B string should help you get a cleaner sound on the B. I would only warn you about this: a string with more mass is more rigid and harder to intonate. With a heavier string you may notice some of the notes are a little sharp, because the heavier the string, the more it acts like a clamped bar instead of a vibrating string, thus producing an overtone series in which the overtones are not perfect multiples of the fundamental (heavy stuff, huh?).
Anyway, you should also try a "tapered" B string. With that kind of string, the portion of it where it contacts the bridge (the "witness point") is thinner, thus more flexible, allowing for better articulation and string intonation, which to a degree makes up for the inherent troubles of heavy B strings.
Last: don't forget to EQ until you get a cleaner sound out of the B. It can make a difference.
I guess now you found a different kind of blues...
Hope this helped. Buena suerte and keep that bass up front in the mix.
El Pájaro.

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