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Posted by Pat Harrington on May 03, 2000 at 22:51:24:

In Reply to: Re: Beatles: Creating lines on bass posted by El Pájaro on May 03, 2000 at 12:45:16:

: : Hey all...

: : I must say..i'm finding a great way to find basslines...
: : I've been tooling around with the beatles...(which is strange, because i used to say i didn't like them, when truth was i've never really listened to them) anyway,i've found that there are some cool ideas you could get from just playing the melody lines of either Lennon singing or the actual guitar. One time I heard a version of Blackbird that Jaco did, and after hearing it I wanted to find the song to burn on a cd. Well i haven't been able to find it, so i decided to transcribe the actual 6 string to 4 string bass....let me tell you its pretty interesting since its mostly messing around with chord forms on 4 string. I know this is going to open some new doors for me, and i think i'll come up with my own version of blackbird that combines the chordal part and the melody of the vocals together. Hmmmmm...
: : I guess this is going to be something i'm going to do for a while, not only with the beatles, but any music where there is a good melody...and it doesn't even have to be extremely complex because you can always improvise and add to it to make it sound better and more interesting to your liking...
: : Let me know your thoughts..i'd like to hear from you all
: : Brock

: Hi there Brock,
: Great idea! Maybe many of us should try something similar anytime we feel stuck in a rut! I've been a Beatles fan for ever, yet I didn´t think of doing what you're doing, neither did I know of Jaco's version of "Blackbird".
: More great ideas? Find Steve Bailey's "Dichotomy" album and check out his beautiful version of "Here comes the sun" ...amazing. Steve plays a fretless six string (gulp!), which is light years beyondr I could ever dream to play, but it should provide enough inspiration to all of us to try something different.
: For pure fun, though, check out Sir Paul's bass line on the Beatles' original version of "Something" ...most melodic rock ballad bass line ever played, man! And it's easy to pick it up since the bass is isolated in the left stereo channel.
: Definitely need to hit the woodshed, where did I put those copies of "Revolver" and "Rubber Soul"??

: Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,
: El Pájaro

>> Hey bass brothers, Brock and E.P. (bird man!)..

Yeah, bruddahs, Sir Paul is da shit....I love Blackbird...
What you got there is really just a harmonized Gmaj scale..
Learn it on guitar too! dig it....
My favorite Paul stuff is the WHITE album...check out his little
ditty called "Martha My Dear", the way he uses ascending and
descending scales, and most his most fascinating use of subtle
change in note lengths too....Sometimes it's not the stuff you
hear right off the bat the first time, but the subtle stuff...I don't
know if Paul does this stuff consciously or not, but man, it sure
makes a tune swing....Another good one is "Silly Love Songs"
A real clunker of a tune, but SAVED BY A GREAT BASS LINE!!!...
It just proves the POWER OF BASS!!!!!......


Pat H

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