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Posted by Rich Laird on October 18, 2000 at 15:46:24:

In Reply to: Re: carved basses posted by quadrau on October 18, 2000 at 01:45:38:

I've been reading a lot of net postings on some of the bass-related web sites lately and I get this feeling that a lot of poeple are shopping for basses the way they might shop for cars, or something. There's lots of names out there...but the trouble is that two basses made by the same guy will have distinctly different personalities. You really need to play different instruments and decide what suits YOU.

I'm also getting the impression that a lot of people are getting ready to pour cash into something that they haven't decided is what they really want. If you don't hear and feel much difference between two instruments in the same price range, it might mean that it's still a little early to make an investment in that price range. If you have a teacher, they should be able to offer some guidance and help you evaluate some instruments. (If not, I would seriously consider investing in a good teacher first.)

Another thing to consider is the physical size and shape of a bass. If you are tall, you might want to get a 7/8-size bass. If not, you will probably feel more comfortable with a 3/4-size. Also, you need to have an idea of what string length you like. My hand is fairly large - so, I like about a 42-inch string. But that is a different issue that the size of the box. Again, what suits me may not especially suit you.

There's no question that Pfretchners or Juzeks or Amatis or Kays all have certain characteristics. There's also no question that Italian basses are different from English basses which are different from French basses, etc. etc. But you're only buying one...and that one bass has to be right for you.

Obviously, A dealer who has a selection of instruments to choose from would be a good place to start educating yourself a little. If you want to, let me know where you're located, I might be able to suggest a dealer. Better yet, go to Bob Gollihur has a listing of luthiers on his website...all listed out by state. He also has tons of links to luthiers and all sorts of other stuff that, I'm sure, will be a big help. It's a fantastic web site for bass players.

Good Luck:
: : Pfretzchners and Hohner Basses tend to have a nice dark tone. Unfortunately, this tends to either get buried or sound like mud in a Jazz context.You need
: : a good midrange to project, and the strings you choose will also define your sound. So, exactly what is your question? Do you want recommendations for What Maker, what Dealer, what strings, what pickup, or what?

: WhaT makers would be mainly what I am looking for. I have a David Gage pickup on my bass right now and really like it. But some dealers would be nice as well if you want to drop me some names.

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