Re: Anybody knows about Schroetter basses ?

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Posted by Rich Laird on November 27, 2000 at 08:31:12:

In Reply to: Anybody knows about Schroetter basses ? posted by Michael Roy on November 26, 2000 at 00:13:09:

: Hello,

: Do you have information/feelings you'd like to share with me about Schoetter basses ? I just found a brand new 100-LB for sale for 1800 CDN$ That's about $1200 USD, with tax. Is that a good price ?

: It's got a small nick, about 1/2" long 1/8" wide and 1/16" deep on the neck, under the A string, at about the G position (10th half tone), and it's somewhat perpendicular to the string. Is this a serious problem ?

: I have never owned a double bass, so any information is _much_ welcome.

: Thanks,
: Michael :)

: P.S. Check out my band's site ! It's in French, but you can hear my music there ! Wouldn't it sound so much better with an upright ?


You might have seen some previous postings on this page where I inundated some poor guy with a lot of details about the different Schroetter labels and where they come from, etc. It gets confusing, the point being that the name has been used in a lot of places for a lot of different basses, etc.

Bottom line, U.S. $1,200 is a good price for almost any decent double bass these days. I would be inclined to say that even a bottom-of-the line Schroetter is worth that much money. One question I would have is whether it needs any set-up work done on it. Is the bridge cut properly? (An adjustable bridge is a really good idea - even for a laminated bass) Does it have a low-tension saddle? (I assume you will be using steel strings.) Is the soundpost set effectively? Is the nut height correct for the strings you are going to use? All of these things could cost you some extra dollars if they haven't been taken care of.

If the instrument is being sold by a *reputable* dealer who really knows basses and has alrerady done all the set-up, I would say that that bass is probably a great starter instrument for the money. If not, take it to someone who can do all that work and find out what it would cost before you make the purchase. Manufacturers typically leave it up to the dealers to do the set-up. If it has not been done...or if it has been done're looking at some extra costs before you've got that thing totally playable and ready-to-go. It would be a good idea to find out up front what those costs will be and to make sure you know someone who can do the work before you buy.

That scratch you mentioned does not sound like something to worry about at all, if it really is only 1/16-inch deep. As long as the wood is not really cracked, it's probably just a cosmetic thing.

Good Luck

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