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Posted by Bob Gollihur on December 06, 2000 at 10:50:07:

In Reply to: Euphonic vs. Eden posted by Paul Madigan on December 06, 2000 at 07:56:09:

: Is the EU primarally an electric bass cabinet that works well for upright in a handfull of situations?
: I am comsidering upgrading my acoustic rig. Most likely to a Woods and an EU cab. I have not tried out either. Is the EU really all that? Or is it just small and works really well for the Electric? My current acoustic rig is the GK MB. This is small, sounds alright, but really does not dispurse the sound all that far. It is Ideal for tight playing areas for lower volume gigs.
: Occasionally I have used my electric rig, which is an Eden 2x10 with bullet horn and a WT 300 head. I have had mixed results and feelings. Dispite it's size it has a good sound for low to med volume gigs. Wery warm but too big. I have found that generally, from my experience, that if a cabinet has a crossover\horn, it seems to work best for electric. The horns seem to bring out too much of the undesirable sounds of a pizzo pickup. Which leads me to a catch 22 situation that the mags and players fail to talk about. That is, depending on venue size, if you set your amp for your tone, it generally gets lost by the time it traveles to the listeners ears. Turning your amp up only contributes to the over loudness of the music, often adding mud to the overall mix. To conpensate one generally has to crank up the trebble so that the sound can cut through. This is unplesant and prohibitative to ones creativtiy. i.e. I focus on how teeibble I sound to mysely at the expense of being heard at a distance. Ideally a good P.A. could provide the answer but in must cases that is also impratical. i.e. size and trouble. I hve digressed just a little there.

: Is the EU primarally an electric bass cabinet that works well for upright in a handfull of situations?

The Euphonic Audio is primarily an audiophile full range cabinet designed for bass - any flavor of bass. If anything, I'd say for most ears it favors URB reproduction, because many electric bass players may prefer a cabinet that colors the sound, like Eden and others.

The EA cabs are very smooth and even, no humps and bumps, no fat mids-- unless you dial that in from your amp. They are very responsive to EQ-- I hear subtleties from my basses and amp EQ that I'd never heard before -- and I had an Eden 212 and a Carvin 2x10 prior to getting an EA 208 and 210. I also owned a WT300 until recently (but before I got the EAs) and can speak with experience with all of the components.

You mention the loudness and tone on stage and out in the hall-- that, to me, is one of the strong points of Euphonic -- they don't have a "sweet spot" like so many boxed speakers-- their dispersion is very good and detail seems to be maintained throughout the room. After I got my setup, I started getting compliments from the guitar player (12 ft away) on some of my bass lines -- seems that in the prior 8 months he'd never really heard them with enough clarity.

No, I don't sell EA or have any connection with them-- I'm just delighted with my EAs and sound on both electric and URB.

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