Re: Which is better: Fiberglass bow or cheap wood bow?

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Posted by Rich Laird on December 12, 2000 at 14:07:38:

In Reply to: Re: Which is better: Fiberglass bow or cheap wood bow? posted by Geezer McCool on December 08, 2000 at 11:39:54:

OK, looks like you've had your fun and succeeded in raising some let's get real.

If these expensive hand-crafted bows are such a ripoff, why do you think people buy them? Why isn't the entire bass section of the Boston Symphony or the New York Philharmonic using $40 Glasser fiberglass bows? Do you think those guys make so much money that they spend 3 or 4 thousand dollars on a Morizot, Voirin, or a LaPierre just to impress each other?

Why do you suppose that Ed Barker used an Arnold Bone bow on his CD, instead of a Glasser?

Do you think it's just possible that you might be missing something? Do you think it's just possible that there are players around who are more accomplished and have learned some things that you haven't?

I won't go so far as David and say that your "bow chops" must be somehow deficient. But while we're at it, did you try any spicatto strokes with those bows? Do you think you can outplay a Sartory? (I can't). Does that Glasser give you as much sound - and as clean - as a Fetique when playing the scherzo from Beethoven's fifth? Are you even capable of playing that scherzo fortissimo - up to tempo? Can you play an eight-note up-bow spicatto? Did the Glasser work as well with that as the expensive bows you played?

How long have you been playing? If it's less than ten years, I wouldn't expect that you could be able to tell much difference between a really good bow (3-4 thousand dollars) and something that pretty much just works (40 to 300).

I've been playing for on-and-off for around thirty-five years. And I do not purport to understand all the subtleties of what makes a really good bow and why one works better than another. If you've been playing for any less time than that, I would suggest you get focused on learning and understanding a little more - and tossing around your opinions a little less.

: Re: Which is better: Fiberglass bow or cheap wood bow?

: I went to a music store that had a large selection of wood bows.
: Some were very expensive. I tried them, and a fiberglass bow with black
: horsehair. I could tell a difference in sound and feel, between the wood and
: fiberglass bow, but those differences were very small, while the difference
: in price between a fiberglass bow and the most inexpensive bow, was LARGE!

: I saw some bows that cost as much as a Bass itself. I have sensitive hearing
: and discriminating tastes, and it's my opinion that some of these wood bow
: sales are an embarrassing RIPOFF!

: That statement sould raise a few eyebrows, never-the-less, that's the geezer's
: advice.

: P.S. Just make sure the fiberglass bow has REAL horsehair, white or black.

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