Re: Which is better: Fiberglass bow or cheap wood bow?

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Posted by Rich Laird on December 12, 2000 at 14:44:06:

In Reply to: Which is better: Fiberglass bow or cheap wood bow? posted by Matt on December 07, 2000 at 13:54:30:

Hi Matt...

I've read the follow-ups to your posting and it looks like you've set off quite a debate. And you still don't have much of an answer to your question about what kind of bow to get in your price range!!

Anyway, let me toss in one more vote for a real-wood bow. Maybe I'm just a purist - and to be honest, I haven't tried any fiberglass bows recently (maybe they've improved) - but I always hated them. I've heard good things recently about carbon-fiber bows....but I think you're talking a minimum eight hundred bucks or so for those.

If I were you you, I'd watch ebay until something came up that suits your needs. There's usually a few bass bows up for auction on there - and they seem to go for good prices. I've seen several dealers put some decent-looking bows out on ebay...seemingly they're a little they're probably good buys. You said you might have a hard time judging what you really like at this point in it might make the most sense to go for a bargain.

In fact, if you're looking for a french bow, I can recommend something to watch out for. Take a look at ebay auction #520426583. That's an auction that already ended...but this guy keeps putting the same type of bow out there all the time. I bought one, and it ain't no Fetique or anything, but it really works! (I think it might be the same kind of bow that comes with a Palatino bass....which doesn't speak really highly for it...but I'm not proud!)

If you don't like the ebay idea, you could look at They have a whole range of decent bows and good prices. They will also send them out on approval...if you don't like it - just send it back.

I have recently purchased a bass and plan to start playing again after a 4 year respite. The only thing I still need is a bow. I have a budget of 200 dollars, but with all the selection out there it has become a difficult choice. Some people have suggested that a fiberglass bow would be better then the rosewood and brazilwood bows in my price range. My question is: Would I be better of with a fiberglass bow, or should I consider some of the less expensive wood bows out there? I know it would be best for me to try out these bows in person, but there is little local supply, and the only brazilwood bow I could find locally was warped. Also, since it's been so long since I played I don't think I could make a very good judgment on my own. So, if I would be better of with a less expensive wood bow, could anyone make a suggestion on a particular one that is in my price range. Any information on personal experiences people have had with these bows would be wonderful, and all advise anyone could give me will be greatly appreciated! Thanks to everyone for your help!

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