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Posted by Bob Gollihur on December 17, 2000 at 11:01:07:

In Reply to: speaker position posted by JE on December 17, 2000 at 10:15:47:

: I would like some input as to where a speaker cabinet should be placed during a gig. Some say on the floor. I think about a foot and a half off the ground is a good place. I know that different rooms call for different scenarios. Also, placing a cabinet near a wall seems to project more focused sound. Any feedback on this matter?

Wow, you have opened up a can of worms -- first thing to know is the type of cabinet: front ported, rear ported, infinite baffle, etc., and then even the brand and model, since each has its own characteristics that react differently to room accoustics. A lot also has to do with your personal preference for sound, volume required, whether its a stage monitor or the entire source of sound, and of course, the room.

My usual personal preference is at least 18" from a wall and on the floor (front ported, very neutral-sounding Euphonic Audio 208). BUT there are times where I totally agree with your off-the-floor suggestion-- for years I had a small infinite baffle combo that I mounted on a 24" stand, putting the sound closer to my ear and uncoupling the 15" from the floor, which resulted in a tighter, less-feedback prone signal, at least in that case. It also helped a bit if I was in a stage corner or close to walls, which of course reinforces the bass frequencies, which can be a desired or undesirable effect depending on the gig and the room itself.

OTOH, when I take my Acoustic Image Contra, I like to get it further away from a wall if I can; it has the unusual configuration of a downfiring woofer. Rear-ported cabs should be 18-24" from a rear wall.

Room and stage acoustics can drive you nuts, and in unusual situations I'll often try and get another band member to play a few notes so I can get away from my bass and 50' away to hear the nature of the sound and adjust cab position and EQ if necessary. Very often I have found that a somewhat unpleasant stage sound is necessary for the best projection and tone from the audience perspective. "Personal Preference" is key here -- if 18" off the floor works for you and most your situations, go with it.

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