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Posted by David on June 07, 2000 at 03:51:01:

In Reply to: Need more info on AMT, Realist posted by Ben on June 06, 2000 at 13:45:03:

: Hi, I am new to the upright(relatively). I have been playing for about 2 years. I have FINALLY gotten a gig that pays decently, so I am going to buy some nice equip. I read someones post about Rufus Reid's comments on the AMT system(?). I have also heard good things about the Realist pickup. I currently own
: 1. A fishman pickup
: 2. A 150 watt carvin bass amp
: 3. Fender p-bass

: I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on
: 1. What acoustic bass pick-ups are good
: 2. What type of rig would be good for upright and electric(Thinking of SWR)
: 3. What type of pre-amp should I get for the upright?

: I am probably going to get a super-redhead (SWR) for smaller gigs, but I am starting to get into playing live hip-hop, which is LOUD. So, I will eventually need to get an actual rig. I have been trying to gig without a pre-amp (ick), which must cease. Now.
: Also, I need the URL for the AMT, Realist, or anything else. Actually, just put the URL up for anything you reccomend. Please.

: Thanks, fellas! This site ROCKS!!!

Like you I play upright and freetless jazz basses. Sounds like you're on the right track. I was using an Acoustic 136 100W 15" combo for years and had no idea what I was missing in the way of tone. My new system is going to sound over the top to many people here but check these products out for yourself.
Eden Navigator Pre-amp
QSC Audio PLX 2402 Power amp
Bag End D10BX-D 2X10 cabnet, S18E-D 95-18Hz subwoofer, ELF-M2 processor
Realist under bridge pickup
AMT S25B microphone
Fishman Pocket Blender to mix the pickup and the mic
This system is very flexable and is very tight and full. It doesn't have a signature sound like an Ampeg or SWR just a very clean fidelity. Your going to have people telling you your basses only go down to 40 or so hertz and you don't need that 18" box. No you don't need it. When you hear it your gonna want it. There's a reason Bag End provides a high frequency driver that goes out to 20KHz in there "bass" cabnets. Most others may go to 14KHz -6db tops. You CAN hear the difference.
This system represents a huge investment for me yet I havn't experienced one bit of buyers remorse after using it.
First get the Realist pickup and take your fiddle to audition the gear your intrested in. Get someone to play the open strings while you stand away from the rig, it's a different prespective of sound.
Hope this helps a little, good luck and have fun.

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