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Posted by David on June 08, 2000 at 21:25:10:

In Reply to: Re: Need more info on AMT, Realist posted by David on June 08, 2000 at 21:14:59:

: : : : : Like you I play upright and freetless jazz basses. Sounds like you're on the right track. I was using an Acoustic 136 100W 15" combo for years and had no idea what I was missing in the way of tone. My new system is going to sound over the top to many people here but check these products out for yourself.
: : : : : Eden Navigator Pre-amp
: : : : : QSC Audio PLX 2402 Power amp
: : : : : Bag End D10BX-D 2X10 cabnet, S18E-D 95-18Hz subwoofer, ELF-M2 processor
: : : : :
: : : : : Realist under bridge pickup
: : : : : AMT S25B microphone
: : : : : Fishman Pocket Blender to mix the pickup and the mic
: : : : : This system is very flexable and is very tight and full. It doesn't have a signature sound like an Ampeg or SWR just a very clean fidelity. Your going to have people telling you your basses only go down to 40 or so hertz and you don't need that 18" box. No you don't need it. When you hear it your gonna want it. There's a reason Bag End provides a high frequency driver that goes out to 20KHz in there "bass" cabnets. Most others may go to 14KHz -6db tops. You CAN hear the difference.
: : : : : This system represents a huge investment for me yet I havn't experienced one bit of buyers remorse after using it.
: : : : : First get the Realist pickup and take your fiddle to audition the gear your intrested in. Get someone to play the open strings while you stand away from the rig, it's a different prespective of sound.
: : : : : Hope this helps a little, good luck and have fun.

: : : : I have a question of you. That's a enormous amount of power driving an extended low frequency-capable system. Where do you stand/play in relation to this stack? Acoustic feedback and resonance have got to be a challenge.

: : : : (Disclaimer: I sell pickups/preamps for URBs and other acoustic instruments. Please do not interpret this as any sort of put-down of the Realist or AMT systems, because it's not. It's just a question to satisfy my own curiosity. I'm no stranger to stacks- I have an Eden Navigator myself with a Crown power amp.)

: : : I'm not playing much louder than I did with my old combo amp. If we're playing in a small room with the larger group I may forgo using the sub. I usually put the sub as far away from the fiddle as possible or stack the 18" faceing rearward on top of the 2-10s" . The instrument is to the right side of the stack. I guess I'm not playing loud enough for feedback to be a problem. These setups don't solve the feedback but they do slow its initiation. Playing bop with a quintet I don't have the need for lots of volume and I guess at some point a P.A. would do that job.

: : Not to break stones, but I think your rig, for the job intended, is overkill -- it is an extraordinary setup that I wouldn't mind having (well, I do have some of it ) for electric bass gigs. Your setup to the side of the speaker direction is something I've also done for years where the stage setup allows.

: : FWIW, I was highly impressed with the performance of the little Euphonics Audio combo at NAMM-- had impressive, solid and very real lows and honest, linear frequency response in spite of the small speaker sizes involved. Very portable (small, but bring a hand truck) but very impressive. Check it out if you have the chance. I carry an Acoustic Image Contra for smaller gigs-- a very nice small combo, also pretty honest and linear, but will drag my Eden/Crown/BBE 362NR rig with an Eden 2x12 for larger requirements.

: : thanks, Bob

: I was making three trips to my van with the combo, the sub is one more trip (when I use it) and thats maybe 50% of the time.
: Being in the business you get exposed to alot of new stuff. That's great. I was limited to checking out only a few new combo amps Eden, SWR, Gallien-Krueger, Measa. They were all nice but I wanted more detail and NO signature sound.
: Like I said my system is going to be over the top for alot of people posting here. To call it overkill without hearing in the context I use it in...well I don't know how to respond to that. It's all what you like I guess.
: Nice talking to you, take care.
: David

Whats the BBE362NR?

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